May 30 Enter The Cairn

May 30 - Enter the Cairn

Today I met up with Talent and Theena at the entrance to the Whispering Cairn. Talent needed money, again, and I decided to help him out, and drag poor Theena along for the ride. First we ran into these wolves, which we quickly dispatched. Thery weren't too difficult and I found a nice backpack and oddly enough, a marble finger. In the backpack was a pretty indigo lantern and a beautifully carved bracelet.

We found the entrance, which was magically hidden, and began to explore the tomb complex. A friend of Talents, Hasan, met up with us and we all went for to explore. We saw a most interesting room with a mural on it with 7 lanterns of the rainbow that looked so lifelike I tried to reach out and touch them. It was just a painting though.

We then came to a large room with a casket in the middle shaped like an arrow. A statue with my missing finger was standing with it. Around the room were 7 alcoves with 7 lanters, the red and indigo lanterns missing and the green only burning.

We turned the casket to the yellow lantern and a lift came up and took us down. Talent was nearly killed by some strange eye strand, though I managed to get it off of him. I destroyed some weird mold and we fought off an earth elemental. It was pretty intense. We then headed to town to rest and pay off Kullen.

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