"Justice, Truth, Honor."


Hasan's hot older sister

Stat Block

Melinde (Medium Folk Walker 99 XP): Str: 15, Dex: 12, Con: 13, Int: 10, Wis: 12, Cha: 16; SZ M (1x1, Reach 1); Spd 6 ground; Init III; Atk V; Def III; Res VII; Health V; Comp III; Skills: Diplomacy-III Medicine-III Ride-III Sense Motive-IV; Qualities: Attractive II, Devout (PST44), Devoted II (Heroism), Feat (Armor Basics), Feat (All-out Attack), Feat (Shield Basics), Honorable, Lay on hands (PAL57), Smite the indifferent (PAL57), Tough III, Veteran I, Trick (Armored Assurance)

Attacks/Weapons: Longsword (1d12+3/20+); Lt Xbow (1d6/19+ AP-4);

Gear: Moderate blessed fitted reinforced articulated plate w/heavy fittings (DR 7 Blunt 2 Divine 4 Edged 2; DP-1, ACP-1, SPD-1); superior longsword; lt xbow, dagger; lance; metal shield (guard 2); silver holy symbol; warhorse; annointed vial (holy water) (3); potion of vitality (2d6 hits),

Treasure: none

Notes & Tactics: Sister of Hasan; a devout follower of the Light; She is half-Khinasi with an exotic foreign look; Shield Basics (+4 Bull Rush, Phalanx Fighting (stance) adjacent allies gain +2 DEF & REF); All-out Attack (up to -4 attack for x2 Dmg, FF if miss); Command I (free action/Close range) (WIL or target takes Move action of choice); Heroism I (half action/touch) (+2 morale hit/saves/skills for 30 minutes & Spell Defense 20 vs. Shadow); Lay on Hands (mend +1 times (+2 if Light aligned)); Smite the Indifferent (on DMG replace AD with 1/2TL); Armored Assurance (trick) (+2 morale to-hit vs. lower DR opponents)

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