The Arcane Congress

The Arcane Congress is the guild of magick in Anuire.

The Aspis Consortium

An unscrupulous multinational trade organization based in Ostenso, Cheliax, but with interests in many parts of Arcallis.

The Black Ring

Nilgeranthrib's circle of necromancers and cultists who continuely attempt to sow chaos and dissension in the nations bordering the Inner Sea.

The Brotherhood of the Spear

When Viggo and Simeon decided it was up to them to clear the wreckers off the Isenshoul Peninsula, Viggo called on the townspeople of Seawall for funds and volunteers. The limited response he recieved did not dishearten him. He took the small donations he recieved and purchased the cheapest weapons he could: spears. Using these he armed the ragtag band of men who had responded to his call. Hiring Jireal to lead them across the marshy ground, they set off into history!

The Eagle Knights

Andoran knights who oppose slavery and champion Andor

The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye

In paneled salons and dark catacombs, the secret elite of Anuire assemble in exclusive social clubs known collectively as the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. What began centuries ago as a cabal of mystics exploring forbidden knowledge has given rise to an organized network of gentleman philosophers who almost universally rise to the most influential stations of Anuirean society as judges, deans, landed aristocracy, and even high-ranking clergy of the Church, especially within the ranks of the Illuminators. The Order promotes divine enlightenment through participation in secret meetings involving mysterious philosophies and strange rituals.

The Gray Corsairs

Andoran funded privateer abolitionists; operate in the Sea of Tears and Inner Sea regions.

The Grim Legion

Those that survive the attentions of the Horrors are often marked by those around them as cursed, and are shunned. The Grim Legion welcomes those who have lost everything to the Horrors and want to fight back with nothing left to lose.

The Legion is made up of small companies of soldiers with varying levels of training and leadership, as well as sanity, who can be hired for just about any job. The Legion as a whole sponsors several chapterhouses in different cities, using donations and tithes.

The Legion's main headquarters and stronghold is the dutchy of Grimwatch in Kanday.

The Harpers

A mysterious organization of bards, entertainers, and beggers who sell information from the Black Coast to Brechtür. What their true motives are, few know.

The Hellknights

The House of the Midnight Sun

An assassin's guild in Tor who operate under a mercenary code. They are known for the skill and competence of their work, not their subtlety.

The Keepers of the Gate

An ancient order of druids and others who fight to keep creation from being overwhelmed by the corrosive power of the Far Realm.

The Loremasters

When the Six led Man back to the light and surface of the new world, they taught the best and brightest of them magick, history, medicine and survival. These elite became the Loremasters, and it was their job to educate others and continue the fight against the forces still attempting to destroy the world.

The Loremasters were disbanded by the Six when too many Loremasters fell to the wiles and seductive power of the Horrors, but the Octogon continued teaching them in secret and they still attempt to do what the Six originally created them for, but without much of the direction and knowledge they once had.

The Octagon

When the Six closed the great schools of learning and left the Loremasters bereft of leadership, the eight greatest Loremasters of the day formed the Octagon with the intent of continuing to guide humanity from the shadows.

The Pathfinder's Society

The Pathfinder Society is an eccentric organization of adventurers, explorers, and scholars with agents spread across the world and beyond. While members are expected to be fairly self-sufficient, the organization’s leadership knows that those equipped with the knowledge and gear to face the challenges of the job are most likely to survive to bring back priceless treasures and to fill the Pathfinder Chronicles with tales of their daring exploits. Their main base is set in Havenor on the Purple Isles and their fame and rise to glory dates back to the great Warrior-Mage Elka al-Zabeth and his recovery of the Ring of Kings in 530FA.

The Red Mantis

Assassin guild of Achaerkek

The Seekers

This loose-knit society of explores, adventuring scholars, and fortune hunters scours the world for ancient secrets and lost magic. Despite lofty claims by some members, the primary ambition of most Seekers is personal enrichment, and the order is notorious for cutting corners and damning the consequences of their insatiable curiosity and greed. For this reason they remain a secret society, working in the shadows and pooling information to benefit themselves, regardless of the moral or financial cost.

The Six

The Six are legendary figures whose leadership and power allowed humanity to survive the bending of Creation and the troubled times that followed. Each one opened a school of magic to teach the best and brightest to become Loremasters to help spread civilization and knowledge and fight back the Horrors.

During the darkest days of Thera's Imperial Era, the Six and their Loremasters were outlawed as tools of the Horrors by the very people who were tools of the Horrors or more interested in power then the safety of the world. In disgust, the Six closed the great schools of learning and vanished from sight. None save Mithrode have been seen in the last thousand years, and it was he that smote the world in anger and grief, laying low civilization for four hundred years.

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