& Cultures of Arcallis


The people of the central Anuire region and culture of the Seven Kingdoms.

Language/script: Anuirean/Cerilic


The people of Lantara, Nehekarha, Amalanth, Nomal, and Deschat

Language/Script: Basarji/Lantese


The dwarves are an ancient race of faerie that foreswore their heritage to gain the ability to work iron. With the help of the god, Moradin, they became mortal and tied to the physical realms of creation.

Language/script: Khuzdul/Runic


The people of the northern and eastern shores of the Sea of Tears region. They are a mixed race descended from the Therens and the now forgotten people that once lived along the shores, the Masetians.

Language/script: Eastronese/Lantese


The elves are a graceful but reclusive race, suspicious of humankind. Early in Anuire’s history, the elves contested human settlement of the continent’s vast forests, and a strong current of ill will toward the human nations still runs strong in the elven woods.

Language/script: Elvish/Sithilic


The Ivanians are a hardy race of humans that have settled the icy fjords of northern Anuire.

Language/script: Ivanian/Runic


The Khinasi people arrived and settled the southern shores of the Sea of Tears after being forced to migrate when the inland seas of Zakhara began drying up. They are an off-shoot of the Theren colonies, and while they still revere magic, they have lost any connection to the Elemental Dragons and the heritage of the Genesai.

Language/script: Kinasi/Alabic


During the last Scourge a comet fell to Arcallis.

Language/script: Rokugani/Kanji


The Theren people can trace their lineage back to the empire of the first humans, Azlant. It was they that were empowered by the gods to fight the primordials. The greatest amoung them were exalted above all others, champions of the gods. The common warriors were the servants of the great elemental dragons, called the Genesai, and after the corruption and civil wars against the exalted, it was the descendants of these common warriors that became the Therens. Those still pure of blood can still manifest the elemental power of the dragons, but it becomes rarer with each passing generation.

Language/script: Theren/Lantese

The Five Tribes
The original Azlanti who founded the first Empire of Man in the Third Age were composed of five different tribes, each with a specific elemental heritage:

  • The Arkosians (or Wind Lords) were affiliated with the North and Air. They have become the Anuireans (Auran)
  • The Iblis were affiliated with Azlant and Earth; they became corrupted by their diabolism and fought a cataclysmic war with the Arkosians. They have become the tiefling race, Cheliax, Lapinth, and Clima. (Iblic)
  • The Masetians were affiliated with the West and Water. They have become the Eastron, Vahear (Aquan)
  • The Basarji were affiliated with the South and Fire. They have become the Zakharans, Khinasi, and Therens. (Ignan)
  • The Shivasti were affiliated with the East and Wood. They have become the Rokuganese, remnants of Nog and Kadar, Majarhatims, and tribes of the Crowed Sea and Dragon's Run (Sylvan)


Decended from Kheleck migrations from the north.

Language/script: Korvish/Runic (if any)


The people of Zakhara are broken into two major groups, the al-Badir and the al-Hadir: the nomads and the city dwellers


The tribal people of Zakhara. Racially, they are the same stock as the Al-Hadhar but they live a bedouin lifestyle in the deserts of Zakhara. While their two cultures are similiar and share many of the same traits, the Al-Badians put more of an emphisis on self-sufficiency and personal honor.


The city dwelling people of Zakhara. Racially they are the same stock as the Al-Badians but they live an urban existence. The two cultures share the same religion, social mores, and taboos; but the city dwelling Al-Hadhar are a bit more concerned with personal wealth and luxury.

Language/script: Midani/Alabic

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