Phoenix Reborn

Prophesy of the Phoenix

I am Nikodemus, Sage and Seer of Alexundia, and I have written here what I have Seen. I write this too late, I fear, for even now the Ancient Night closes upon us all, and our Salvation rides forth at the head of a great Host to battle back the Dark.

What Was to Be
And lo! It shall come to pass that as the Walls of Night close around us and push us to the brink, a great Light shall be revealed. The Light of Hope, nurtured by The North of The Six, ancient even in Ancient Times, and He shall be the Phoenix, fated to rise from the ashes and slay the Dark with Love’s Bane.

A New Prophesy
But look! The Shadows of Time, once Clear and Illuminated by the Light of Hope, change and alter. The Phoenix will fail, they say, brought low by the irony of a Love too strong and a Lesson taught too well. This, then, is the Prophesy of the Phoenix, who will rise again to be our Salvation.

Love’s Failure
And the Death Knell of the Phoenix King shall be the Shattering of the World. At his Fall, through Love Cherished not Fed, Black Madness shall descend on The Warder of the Ways. Ancient to The Ancients, Guide of our Salvation, The Keeper of the Northern Station, First among The Six, His Wrath, Terrible and Fell, shall bring low The World.

A New Kindling
And though The World shall be humbled before the Night, huddled and cramped in the Living Stone, yet shall the Light be rekindled against the Dark. Reborn thrice at once and once again, the Phoenix shall rise from the ashes of Empire to Rule again. And in Three and One again shall the Spirit of the Old be restored in the New. And the Three shall be the Warlord, the Slayer, and the Mage, and the One shall be King.

The Proving of the Warlord
And the Warlord shall raise to His lips the Horn of Ancient Valor, providence found, and thrice upon it He shall blow. At the first, the winds of war shall change. At the second, Spirits of Ancient General fought ride forth to foe fated. And at the third, with powerful heave and mighty bellow, the dawn of Light, slayer of Night. With hue and cry, foe vanquished fast, when false King, his light shone to Him, flees. With awesome might tides of battle turned and on this day the lesson of War is learned.

The Dark Slayer
Lo! Dark indeed shall be the day of the Slayer’s birth, but darker yet his Fate. For the Final Blow shall be His, but only at a Price. Lesson learned once too well must now be sacrificed, Love cherished too much must fall to bind the Thread. What Price success! Yet, what Price failure? Oh, Slayer, dark and dread, the Hope of the World weighs upon Your very soul! May Mercy and Light shine on Your journey, and Cursed be he who lights your Way.

The Binder of the Ways
Lo! The Mind unhinged broke the Seals, and there is no going Back. Ancient in the days of The Ancients, the Keepers of the Stations Six, Warders of the Bounds and Guardians of the Ancient Wards, Their day passes, Clinging on to Life only to pass Their Knowledge on. The Mage, called the Binder, shall Decide it All, with the Power of the Stations’ fall.

The Once and Present King
And like the Phoenix rising from the Ashes of its Pyre, so shall the Reborn Phoenix King raise again His Standard above His Empire. At His left, the Shieldbearer, unloved and luckless, finding Hope anew. At His right, the Champion, betrayed by Light, returned to Light, and bearing Light. Thus shall the mustering of the second Host proceed, and the seeds of a New World be sown.

Fates Entwined
And in the final assay, the Dispossessed shall make his mark, Shattered Pattern the shadow of Darkness returning. Night hungers to be made Flesh. Beware the Open Door. And the Betrayer, blissfully unaware, travels towards Destiny and a Fate unsure. And you, Chronicler of it all, I speak to now, across the centuries. I have Seen, mark me well, or all is for naught. Guide Them well and true, beware the Eight but join Them too, seek not power lest it seek you, and crown the Unborn to be King. Do these things to play your part, and may Mercy, Light, and Love guide your way, but I Know they will, for this too have I Seen.

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