The Seven Kingdoms


Mightiest of the Shattered Kingdoms, ruled by House Elendsa from the Lion Throne; Aquitaine was the first kingdom to be re-founded and rebuilt after the Scourge, thus the current reckoning system of the Seven Kingdoms is based on FA (Founding of Aquitaine).

  • Aqualon
  • Aragon
  • Avanil
  • Avalon
  • Bissel
  • Brettony
  • Caledon
  • Galedon
  • Geoff
  • Ilien
  • Laaw
  • Lyons


A peaceful and sleepy land of brave knights and beautiful damsels; not since the Orc Wars sixty years ago has Caldor roused itself to massed action.

  • Blythe
  • Carrick
  • Donlis
  • Durham
  • Farrier
  • Fordham
  • Harkwood
  • Menshall
  • Oakwood
  • Redhall
  • Simenton
  • Sterling
  • Tacitus
  • Wallace


A mysterious land of misty mountains and secluded vales; Emelren is the sister country to Melderyn and both are steeped in the occult and arcane.

  • Alwina
  • Algrame
  • Athamas
  • Berema
  • Fandalon
  • Gavas
  • Jerinal
  • Malad
  • Norimar
  • Palithane
  • Tamanias
  • Ulama


Second only to Aquitaine in size and might, Furyundy is a land of taigas and jagged mountains. Beyond her borders live the barbaric Ivanians and other, even less savory, neighbors.

  • Averland
  • Hochland
  • Middenland
  • Nordland
  • Ostermark
  • Ostland
  • Reikland
  • Stirland
  • Talabecland
  • Wissenland


Bordering the only major pass into the Sea of Ash and the dwarven nation of Throal, as well the Gorgon's Crown to the north, Kanday is always ready to defend her borders. It is a nestled kingdom of prosperity and order amid a sea of expansionist nations.

  • Aerdy
  • Callodine
  • Grimwatch
  • The Iron Marches
  • Marentia
  • Mistmarch
  • Northern Marchlands
  • Ravensmarch
  • Riverland
  • Thassilon
  • Varisia
  • Veluna
  • Westmarch


Known as the Wizard Isle, it is home to the oldest known school of magick in the Seven Kingdoms; dating back to its founding by Mithröde

  • Cherefir
  • Gythrun
  • Harden
  • Karveth
  • Nurisel


Ancient seat of the Phoenix King; held now by the Reagent until his prophesied return. Valón is the center of the faith of the Light, shining like a beacon of hope against the night

  • Adamast
  • Faillast
  • Marcrest
  • Shorkyne
  • Tar Valon
  • Vale
  • Vellon

The Non-human Realms

  • Aerenwe (Elves) - 1/2 elven nation of wood elves in southern Caldor
  • Agarglad (The Blood Wood) (Blood Elves) - former realm of the Everqueen Alachia, now a corrupted mockery of the elven ideal
  • The Five Peaks (Goblins) - fractious goblin realm full of warlords, trolls, giants, and ogres
  • Greysmere (Dwarves) - upstart dwarven clanholds founded after the fall & exodus from Mur-Kalid
  • Silverwode (Elves) - seat of the Enchantress & elven wood; hides the Enchanted Wood
  • The Spiderhaunt (Horror) -
  • Tuar Eviel (Elves) - elven realm still harboring resentment for the Elf/Human wars during the Theren Dominion of Anuire
  • Vampire's Hold (Horror) -
  • Zarak (Dwarves) -



  • Berhagen
  • Drachenward
  • Grabentod
  • Grevesmühl
  • Hjoring
  • Kozlovnyy
  • Lothkovsky
  • Melyy
  • Molochev
  • Rovninodensk
  • Rzhlev
  • Velenoye
  • Veninsky
  • Zoloskaya


  • Danigau
  • Dauren
  • Halskapa
  • Hjolvar
  • Hogunmark
  • Jankaping
  • Kiergard
  • Kislev
  • Kvingmar
  • Müden
  • Rjuvik
  • Stjordvik
  • Svinik
  • Treucht
  • Wierech

The Non-human Realms

  • Baruk-Azik (Dwarves) - new seat of the Dwarven High King
  • Blood Skull Barony (Hobgoblin) -
  • Coullabhie (Elves) - isoloationalist elven nation
  • Daikhar Zhigun (Dwarves) - isoloationist dwarven nation
  • Dhoesone (Elves) - 1/2 elven nation of wood elves, strong ties to Tuar Eviel
  • Kal Kalathor (Goblin) -
  • Khurin-Azur (Dwarf) - fading city-state of the dwarves
  • Lluabraight (Elf) - High Elven nation ruled by the Brambleking & the Everqueen from the Inner Kingdom beyond the Veil; sworn enemies of the Gorgon & his allies; sworn allies of Kanday & the dwarves of Kurin-Azer.
  • Markazor (Goblin) - Gorgon controlled goblin nation
  • Mur Kilad (Iron Dwarf) - fallen, corrupted kingdom of the dwarves, controlled by the Gorgon's minions
  • Sword Rust Tribes (Hobgoblin) -
  • The Banshegh (Horror*)
  • The Battlefens (Haunted Land)
  • The Giantdowns (Haunted Land)
  • The Gnoll Fens (Gnolls)
  • The Gorgon's Crown (Horror) - former capitol of the dwarves, Krul-Shadar, conquered and ruled by the Gorgon, ancient blood enemy from the Shattering
  • The Hag (Horror)
  • The Ice March (Haunted Land)
  • The Manticore (Horror)
  • The Mistmoor (Haunted Land)
  • The Raven (Horror)
  • The Siren (Horror)
  • The Vampire (Horror)
  • Thurazor (Goblin) - independent goblin nation suffering from constant internal strife, civil war and outside interference
  • Troll Country (Haunted Land) -
  • Tuar Annwn (Elven) -
  • Urga-Zai (Goblin) - loosely affiliated nomadic warg-riding goblin tribal realm
  • Wolfgaard (Haunted Land)

The Sea of Tears

The Inner Sea

  • Clima - demon worshiping remnant of the Iblis
  • Corinth -
  • Illien - isolationist city-state & bastion of Order
  • Ista - former haunted land, now a growing city-state ruled by the Dragon Queen
  • The Isenshoul Pennisula - wilderness area; marshland populated by snakes, panthers, and lizard-folk
  • Vilmir - former glorious empire which spread across the Sea of Tears & Inner Sea, now a pastoral & largely ignored backwater

The Black Coast

The Sun Coast

The Tainted Kingdoms


Majarastra, The Ivory Kingdoms

Nehekara, Land of the Dead

The Nightlands (Hobgoblin)

Rokugan, The Emerald Empire

  • Lands of the Crab
  • Lands of the Crane
  • Lands of the Dragon
  • Lands of the Lion
  • Lands of the Phoenix
  • Lands of the Scorpion
  • Lands of the Unicorn
  • The Shadowlands (Horror)

The Dreadlands

The areas that make up the dreadlands have suffered countless assaults. It was the no-man's land of the wars between the Iblis of Bael Turath and the Arkosians, and groundzero for the wrath of Mithrode.

  • The Dawnlands - the still fertile plains stretching between the Mournlands east and the Great Blight West…with every passing year the Nomadic Dawn Tribes of Half-elves watch their lands swallowed up.
  • Castle Defiant - human remnants of the Caldorian expeditionary force sent to harry the orcs 60 years ago.
  • The Demon Wastes - a maze of rocky badlands said to be the prison of The Lords of Dust
  • The Great Blight - a growing blight of wasteland that consumes more fertile land with every passing year
  • The Mournlands - the magically cursed homeland of the Iblis, Bael Turath; it stands as it did the day after its destruction, frozen in time
  • The Scorcher Tribes - orc nomads who roam the plains of ancient Cara Fahd
  • The Sea of Ash - a vast silt sea hiding ancient ruins and dark secrets
  • The Sea of Stars - the ancient site of Mithrode's grief that smote the world with falling stars, obliterating both armies and triggering the cataclysmic event of the Third Scourge; now it is populated by orcs who mine and work the star iron there, called black iron.


Cities of the Ancients

  • Dihliz, City of Searching
  • Kadarasto, City Most Sinister
  • Medina al-Afyal
  • Rog'osto, City of Spires

Cities of the Heart

  • Halwa, City of Solitude
  • Hiyal, City of Intrigue
  • Huzuz, City of Delights
  • Wasat, the Middle City

Cities of the North

  • Hafayah, City of Secrets
  • Hawa, City of Chaos
  • Liham, City of Soldiers
  • Muluk, City of Kings
  • Qadib, City of Wands
  • Quadra, City of Power
  • Umara, City of Knights
  • Utaqa, City of Free Men

Cities of the Pantheon

  • Fahhas, City of Searching
  • Hilm, City of Kindness
  • Hudid, City of Humility
  • I'tiraf, City of Confessions
  • Mahabba, City of Charity
  • Talab, City of Questing

Cities of the Pearl

  • Ajayib, City of Wonders
  • Gana, City of Riches
  • Jumlat, City of Multitudes
  • Sikak, City of Coins
  • Tajar, City of Trade

Tribes of the Haunted Lands

  • House of Hanif
  • House of Hotek
  • Jann of the Haunted Lands

Tribes of the High Desert

  • House of Asad
  • House of Bakr
  • House of Dhi'b
  • House of Dubb
  • House of Nasr
  • House of Sihr
  • House of Tayif
  • House of Thawr
  • House of Uqab
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