Prophesy Of Winds

Speaker: Horn of Valor

Chorus: Thrice Blown

S: Age of Strife is heralded

C: A blood age, a sword age, a final age.

Viggo responder: King

Chorus: by his own hand, but not in his lifetime

VR: not while heart beats in mortal breast

VR: home of countrymen far from home

Chorus: ‘ware the sword that bites, the empty crystal: the key

Simeon responder: King of Kings

Chorus: Reborn thrice at once and once again.

SR: yet, before the throne come not empty handed.

Chorus: Shield of the phoenix?

SR: It seeks him, yet cannot be found

Chorus: Sword of the Phoenix?

SR: Lost from the light, seeks redemption

Chorus: Herald of the Phoenix?

SR: Seek it in City silenced, amongst the coils within coils.

Ruin responder: Servant of the Silver Princess

C: She, overthrown by Chaos

RR: Spider’s Ire seeks target still

C: ‘lest Namesake be brought upon childhood home

RR: Seek the hidden family of ancient lineage

C: Power’s Price?

RR: Everything once held dear

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