The Celestial Court

The Eastron people worship just about every diety they come across, recognizing that many gods have different faces in different places.

The Dark Gods

The Vos are a nomadic people of the northern wastes. Life is harsh and survival a brutal competition amoung the tribes. Their gods reflect this harshness.

The Dwarven All-Fathers

The dwarves revere Moradin and his servants for his aid in the creation of their race as well as their ancestors. The seven first dwarves, who became their greatest kings, are the most commonly worshiped.

The Enlightened Gods

This pantheon came into being within the last thousand years, when the jihads of Enlightenment spread acrosss Zakhara. Worship of these gods is spreading.

The Forgotten Gods

These dread gods pre-date humanity. The Masters gave sacrifice and offerings to these perverse beings. After the Master's fall and the fall of the Slaver's, when Atlantis ruled, worship of these gods was obliterated. Now, only minor Cults and evil priests give worship to them.

The Kami

The Kami are the spirits that answer the prayers of the Rokuganese. They are ancesters and nature spirits. The greatest of the Kami are the Fortunes; divine founders of the seven great clans.

The Light

The Light is a monotheistic religion which is antithetical to corruption, darkness, and evil. True faith in the Light is capable of holding back all these forces, and potentially destroying or driving them from this world. Worshippers of the Light, or rather those who give it more then lip-service, do not recognize an organic living world in the sense that pagans do. This is what gives true faith in the Light such power, however it also limits the world view of a devotee of the Light to a very strict us-or-them, good-vs-evil, light-vs-dark mentality.

The Northern Gods

The Northern Gods are venerated in Ivania by the Alfar and most humans. The Alfar originally brought the worship with them from beyond the Veil, but it has become the dominant religion of the north.

The Old Faith (also the Pagan Gods/Old Ways)

The Sidhe brought the Druids and their gods with them when they pierced the Veil to Arcallis. Having arrived thousands of years ago, after the second Scourge, they brought hope and healing to many. Now, after the third Scourge and Mithrode's failure, the humans have begun to turn to the Light, and the Old Ways are waning.

The Druids are composed of druids, ollaves, and bards. Ollaves are clerics, paladins or priests of a specific god who strive to exemplify their god in order to inspire others to follow their teachings or diety.

The Old Gods

Worship of the Old Gods goes back to the time of Atlantis, the first Empire of Man. These gods are the state-religion in Thera, and are still worshiped in some places with Lantlean influence. Many Old Gods continue to be worshiped in different pantheons under new names, especially the Enlightened Gods.


Many cults abound on Arcallis. They can be cults to forgotten gods, gods deemed illegal, or even to Horrors, masquerading as gods. Rarely are they numerous or well-entrenched in society, and when discovered, they are invariably burned out and hunted.

Name Symbol Favored Weapon Domains Description
The Cult of Ishtishia A cresting wave A wave (a warhammer for his clerics) Destruction, Ocean, Storm, Travel and Water Worshipped by bards, elemental archons of water, sailors and travelers. His clerics can be of Chaotic Neutral, True Neutral, Neutral Evil, Neutral Good, and Lawful Neutral alignments.
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