The son of Jerie, a fisherman of Seawall, Ruenon and his father joined Viggo's Brotherhood of the Spear to rout the wreckers who were causing trouble on the far side of the nearby penisula. After their triumphant return to Seawall, Viggo had to quickly leave to rescue his sister from the ungrateful Artron. Ruenon insisted on going and his father allowed it, swearing to continue the tradition of the Brotherhood.

On the trip north, Ruenon became close with Jireal, learning what he could from the seasoned ranger. In Zarun, he and Jireal stumbled on the lost Light Sword at the Zender farm. This powerful artifact molded Ruenon into a paladin set on destroying Nilgeranthrib, the Great Lich and enemy to Zarun and all the free peoples of the Inner Sea.

He and Jireal chose to remain in Zarun, battling the forces of Chaos when Viggo and the others headed south to Porta.

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