"Viggo this, baby!"

Ruinalanthius "Ruin" Delkara*

Description: Male, Height:

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d10, Strength d8, Vigor d8

Skills: Notice d8, Athletics d4, Fighting d10, Intimidation d8, Knowledge (Arcana) d10, Knowledge (Planar Lore) d4, Knowledge (Occult) d4, Linguistics d6, Spellcasting d12+2, Stealth d4

Charisma 0, Pace 6, Parry 9, Toughness 8, Power Points 35, CV 159

Hindrances: Outsider, Broken Spirit, Light Sensitive, Heroic, Overconfident, Vengeful, Delusional: Choose.

Edges: Low Light Vision, Ambidextrous, Arcane Background (Magic), Power Points: +25, Acrobat, Attractive, Block, Soul Drain, Improved Block, Level Headed, Professional: Spellcasting, Expert: Spellcasting, Master: Spellcasting, New Power: Invisibility, Teleport.

Powers: Bolt, Burst, Deflection, Invisibility, Teleport.

Gear: Chain Hauberk: +2, Greatsword: Str+d10, Bedroll, War Horse, Normal Clothing, Oil (pint) (×5), Soap, Winter Gear (cloak), Winter Boots.


In the cold black depths of the underdark a young drow male was born under the name of ruinalanthius, ruin was the youngest child of three born under the royal house of delkara and the only male. ruin had two other siblings elesta and vel'aira, ruin's eldest sister vel'aira was the heir to the royal house and a high priestess to lolth she was also the cruelest and viscious among the two sisters and often used ruin for her own amusment with various forms of punishment and torture.

After seeing that the young drow didnt break or show weakness she later took him as a lover from time to time and being a high priestess she wanted the best lover she could find so she sent him to be taught in the arts of pleasure. it was around this time that vel'aira made a power move to take her mother's life so that she could be the matriarch of house delkara. after gaining her new title and position vel'aira took the life of her younger sister so that there would be no one in her family after her position.

Disgusted by his race and seeing how easy a target he would be if vel'aira or anyone else wanted him dead ruin decided it was in his best interest to learn the way of the blade and joined the drow swordsmen. dedicated to the arts the young drow practiced whenever he had free time, some times he would practice against a imaginary opponent, sometimes he would join tournaments that drow held for entertainment where one would have to put his skills against all matters of creatures from various parts of the world.

Using his anger and hatred for his kind and utilizing his intelligence and speed ruin became very deadly with his bastard sword. what he lacked in strength he made up in by watching how his opponents moved and the way they fought and used his speed to counter whatever they threw at him. the more confident he got with his blade the more defiant he became to lolth and to his sister. it was fun for vel'aira at first
but she quickly grew tiresome of his constant disobeying and had him tortured everytime he was out of line. eventually ruin took all that he could take of being whipped and beaten and turned on his torturer taking her life.

Vel'aira furious at what ruin had done contacted her goddess through a sacrifice and prayer asking what she should do regarding the young drow. lolth told vel'aira that he is a danger to them all and should not be allowed to survive the night. vel'aira knows the importance of what her goddess demands sent out guards to find the young drow and to have him brought to her immediatley. two guards approached ruin and told him that his matriarch demands his presence in the ritual quaters knowing full well that he was as good as dead decided to take his chances and fight and easily took the first guard out with a crossbow dart he had been holding to the throat leaving one other guard to tend to.

The young drow unshealthed his bastard sword as the last guard surprized by ruins attack fumbled for his weapon, just barely able to raise his sword to parry one of ruin's assults. the young drow waited for his opening as he dodged his opponents strike that left the guard unable to defend his side as he quickly took advantage driving his sword through his enemy and ended the confrontation. after the combat ruin thought it to be in his best interest if he left the city and took his chances in the caverns of the underdark then to be some sacrifice to a goddess hardly worthy of being sacrificed to. ruin grabbed what little gear he could and stealthily made his way out of the city to the dangers that lies outside its walls.

When vel'aira learned of ruin leaving the city she had search party's formed and assassin's hired to find the drow at all cost failure in this task was not acceptable. ruin lived in the underdark for weeks comming acrossed all sorts of vile creatures, always keeping to the shadows to avoid these things of nightmares. one of the days he was wondering around he ran into one of the assassin's vel'aira had sent out, the young drow was caught off guard and received a vicious would to his side from a blade he wasnt expecting. blinded by pain and hatred ruin reached for the hilt of his blade and charged the assassin with vengeance in his heart striking blow after blow of relentless assult that left his enemy staggering and unable to defend himself the hunter quickly became the prey as ruin drove his sword into the assassin's heart.

The young drow holding his wound stumbled back to his camp which was in a small nook in one of the caverns. when he arrived he began to dress his wounds with a herb mixture he knew and wrapped it in a cloth to stopped the bleeding. he then pulled out a poison antidote just incase the blade was laced with it and rested. lucky for the drow nothing vital was hit but he would have a nasty scar to remember the experience by. ruin started to think if vel'aira sent out assassin's she probably sent out more then one of them.

When ruin was healthy he decided he would be safer if he made his way up to the surfice and they probably would'nt follow him then. so the young drow traveled quick and silently avoiding the danger's the underdark had to offer until he reached an opening that lead to the surfice dwelling. just his luck it was day time when he reached the top and the hot sun burned his very sensitive eye's, throwing his cloak's hood over his face ruin made his way to a forest that was nearby to seek shelter and to hid in the shade from the sun. when the sun went down the drow went exploring the area and came acrossed a empty small cavern that he claimed as his new home for the time being. ruin lived off the land learning how to hunt and forage for his food and having the time of his life doing so he finally felt peace inside him being away from a evil and corrupted life style.

One afternoon while the drow was cooking the fresh kill he had made, a hungry small raven sat on a rock next to him, ruin laughed and talked to the small bird seeing as he had no one else to talk to and fed it from his hand. the raven never left his side after that and eventually became the drow's friend and companion. A few month's later ruin was awoken by the raven and persuaded to follow it where the young drow stumbled acrossed a little blind girl who was walking and crying seeming as if she was lost and in terrible danger of being prey to a dirty surfice elf who was slowing approaching the young girl obviously "stalking" her.

Ruin not allowing the girl to be harmed by this creature jumped down from the tree he was hiding in and engaged the elf in a fierce battle that led to the dirty surfice elf's demise. the young drow then approached the young girl and said to her in a soft voice trying not to scare her that he was a friend and meant her no harm. when gaining the young girls trust ruin asked her where she was from and how she got so far into the wood's the girl replied that her older sister took her out for a hike to get some fresh air and to have fun but her sister was attacked by a wolf and told her to run.

After hearing the girls story ruin told her that she was safe and that he would protect her and take her home to her family. ruin told the girl that it is almost dark and it would be wise if you ate and got some rest before we started the long hike. so he lead her back to his home and cooked her up some dinner. after the girl ate she talked to ruin about her family and about her town saying how great everything is there and how he should come live there because the forest was no place for a person to live. ruin never meeting a human before was very interested in everything the girl had to talk about. in the back of his mind he also played with the idea of perhaps being welcomed into a town and having a place to call home. ruin let the girl have his bed for the night and slept at the floor while he had the raven keep watch for intruders.

That morning he woke the girl for breakfast and got on there way to find her home. after a few hours ruin carried the child on his back because it was far to much travel for a little one to take. they settled down and made camp when the sun was starting to set. and again he kept watch as the child slept. and in the morning they started up again by noon they reached the outskirts of her town, thinking he would be accepted among the towns folk for bring back a child of theres ruin returned the young girl to her family unharmed and did not receive the welcome he had thought he was gonna get instead the young drow was blamed for the murder of the little girls sister and was accosted by the town guard.

The towns people not believing the little girls story of how ruin saved her sentenced the young drow to public execution. by some divine intervention a old wizard from a nearby farm was in town that day and had heard the story of what had took place and was able to talk the town council into allowing him to take ruin into his custody and have him pay for his crimes with grueling labor at his farm and promised that the town would never hear from the drow again.

As payment for rescuing the drow the old wizard told ruin he was to do the chores he needed done at his farm and he expected no grief from him in anyway and if he tried to escape the old man would find him and turn him into something most foul. ruin there for agreed and did not mind the farm all that much, he was safe, feed and sheltered. even the labor was nothing compared to what he had to deal with in the underdark. his chores were simple enough he had to herd the sheep along with hauling around stocks of hay and barrels of milk, in his free time he would watch the man practice his magic with fascination and wonder. as the year passed ruin became the man's apprentice, learning the ways of arcana came natural to ruin and learned all he could from the old man. seeing the young drow's appetite for knowledge the old man set ruin free upon the world.

Ruin traveled to various city's learning what he could from library's of magic but always keeping to himself because no one seemed to like drow and judged him before knowing him. cause of this ruin kept to himself and becoming somewhat cold to others. eventually ruin came acrossed a traveling circus where he met a ivanian man and a ivanian girl who looked passed his race and welcomed him as a person ruin at this time was strapped for coin and decided to join his two new friends in the circus. ruin was very successful there wowing people with his pyrotechnics and his illusions he also got business because alot of people came to see a real life drow.

life was good for ruin but something was missing in his heart…the thrill and excitement he used to have was no longer there. when viggo decided to leave the circus life behind ruin followed. looking forward to the adventures the two would have. the parts of the world that these two traveled and the towns that they passed through will never again be the same…..the end……for now…….

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