Short brown hair, green eyes, attractive, tall and slender.

Armor: black leather with various straps to hold throwing daggers. wears a black hooded cloak to keep his face hidden.

Weapons: Talent has various small throwing daggers that are strapped into his armor and carry's two curved daggers at his side.


Parents dead from a tragic mining accident, young Talent, age 6, took to the dangerous streets of Diamond Lake. No one to raise him; no place to call home; poor Talent had no choice but to fend for himself, finding food, clothing, a place to stay, and the occasional coin for a special treat. He quickly learned the rules of the streets ‘trust no one but you’ and ‘don’t steal from a thief.’ He was able to stay relatively well fed most days, and he always had a place to stay in the rain. Early on he found that his cute looks and quick wit got him pity from the local burlesque girls who would allow him to stay with them often (purely platonic) and provide him with food and sometimes even a nice outfit (which would quickly be ruined by rain and dirt). Once, one of the girls even game him a small dagger, telling him that he should learn how to use it to keep himself out of trouble. He took this advice to heart and began learning how to wield the small weapon. He found that he was very adept with it and quickly taught himself how to lunge with it, and his preferred method, throwing it. He became quite accurate, and deadly, with it.

One day while practicing, another young thief saw him and began to secretly follow him around, watching Talent as he would ‘work a crowd’ or just take a quick purse from a passerby. After a few weeks this thief put himself in Talent’s way. Talent, not realizing who he was, attempted to pickpocket the man. Thinking he had succeeded, Talent went to an alley near one of the many buildings, and took out the purse to see what he had ‘earned.’ Suddenly a hand fell on his shoulder from behind. He quickly grabbed his dagger and turned around to stab the person the hand belonged to. The man knocked the knife from his hand and Talent saw that it was the man he had just stolen from. He thought he was going to jail, but instead the man introduced himself as Nestor Aten and told him that he had been observing him for a while and was interested in training him to perfect his techniques and in return, Talent would be available to do odd jobs for him.

For the next 5 years or so he worked hard, keeping his nose as clean as possible, staying out of the way of big named thieves and gamblers while training all the harder under Nestor’s tutelage, so as to one day leave the city of Diamond Lake. Then one day his luck broke. He cheated the wrong person and had to flee from the city to lie low for a while. He ran to the nearby forest and, never having been outside the city before, got lost. The night was quickly approaching and Talent was becoming more lost, more scared, (not that he’d ever admit that), and hungry. While sitting to rest a wolf approached him, almost cautiously, as if waiting to see what he would do. All Talent could think was that this was the end and that he was going to die, alone, in the woods, to a ferocious wolf. Then something amazing happened, it transformed into a beautiful, elven girl. His heart skipped a beat as he had never seen anything so elegant or lovely in his entire life. She introduced herself as Kesa and helped him find food and directed his way back to the city. They met many times after that, becoming fast friends, spending time together and regaling one another with stories of mischief and adventure, as children often do.

Talent grew to be a very good thief and also enjoyed gambling and charming women, as he had done as a small child. He became very dangerous with his daggers, still his preferred weapon of choice. He became quick and agile on his feet and would use this speed to his advantage when he would get into fights. The reason why he fights and steals and gambles is so that one day, when he has gained enough wealth, to leave the streets and become a person of wealth and power. Nestor would still call on Talent for large jobs, but had new pupils to do the smaller ones for him. And Talent had small children who would do jobs for him as well, but he would often give them food and coin just because he knew how difficult it was to live on the street. One boy in particular he would watch out for. Temujin looked up to Talent like a father or big brother, and Talent in return would take care of him as a son or younger brother. He found the boy sitting alone in the cold rain near the mines, crying that his mommy and daddy wouldn’t wake up. When Temujin took Talent to his home, (a small tent outside of town) he saw that the child’s parent were dead, probably of some disease. He felt compassion for the boy, as Kesa had shown him compassion so long ago, and decided to take care of the boy as best as he could, while still preparing him for the street life Temujin would have to endure unless he got away from it all. He taught the boy to live as he did, with no worries and care free, even in the face of adversity and danger. Try to accumulate as much as you can, knowing you have nothing to lose, for that’s the only way to survive.


  • always talks to much when nervous
  • when bored twirls a throwing dagger between his fingers
  • likes to gamble on the long odds big payouts
  • reckless in a fight much like he is in gambling its either all or nothing.
  • driven towards his goals of becoming rich.
  • never backs down from anything (fight, dare,)
  • carefree and lives in the moment, doesnt worry about the outcome or concequence of his actions
  • cant read or write. but knows the value of a coin.
  • for the most part a lone wolf but has a few exceptions.
  • thrill seeker, daredevil does dangerous things for the rush of it.
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