The Age Of Creation

The Void

First there was (or was not) the Void. The black, empty stillness of non-being.


Then a light was struck. The light of creation; a light of potential. This was raw chaos, unactualized with no form or state. A swirling maelstrom of what-ifs and possiblity. Yet, since anything could be, nothing was, for each time it became, it was swept away by the inexorable rush of change, decay, and disolution that is chaos.

Creation and the Titans

Then something came into being that held its own against the relentless flood of change. This being exerted control over the chaos around it, shaping the enviroment for its own survival. Soon others formed from the potential inherent in chaos, or perhaps they all formed at once, or in backwards order, yet form they did. Powerful beings who further shaped existance to their whim and need. From this shaping and naming, creation was brought forth. These were the Titans . Mighty beings of primordial existence. Beings of definition. Beings of existence, yet older than creation.

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