The Celestial Court

The Eastronese people worship just about every diety they come across, recognizing that many gods have different faces in different places.

They have a core belief system that centers around the Twelve Faiths. Each human activity and belief is assigned to one of the Twelve, each of which has different facets. Every new god is thought to be but a facet of one of the Twelve. Further, each of the Twelve has three faces: a positive, neutral, and negative. These make up the 36 decans of the zodiac.

All gods are merely the spirits of physical objects (The Terrestrial Court) or spirits of concepts (The Celestial Court).

The Celestial Rulers

The twelve rulers of the Celestial Court, also known as the Celestial Incarne, are the most powerful/worshiped Gods of broad Concepts

Faith Mode Element Ruler
Desna (F) Cardinal Fire Travel
Abadar Fixed Earth Wealth
Gozreh (F) Mutable Air Nature (F)
Sarenae (F) Cardinal Water Nurture/Love (F)
Gorum Fixed Fire Glory/War
Torag Mutable Earth Invention
Iomedae (F) Cardinal Air Wisdom/War (F)
Shelyn (F) Fixed Water Desire/Beauty (F)
Nethys Mutable Fire Knowledge
Erastil Cardinal Earth Hearth (F)
Pharasma (F) Fixed Air Fate
Irori Mutable Water Enlightenemnt

The Celestial Lords

Lesser Gods of Concepts, considered to be the facets of the Twelve and the rulers of the 36 decans of the Zodiac.

  • 1. Alseta (SoT) – Doors, Transitions, Years
  • 2. Angradd (D/I) – Fire, Tradition, War
  • 3. Brigh (SoT) – Invention, Clockwork, Time
  • 4. Calistria (SoT) (Cult) – Trickery/Lust/Revenge
  • 5. Cayden (SoT) – Freedom, Ale, Wine, Bravery
  • 6. Chaldira (SoT) – Battle, Luck, Mischief
  • 7. Groetus* (Cult) – Empty Places, Ruins, Oblivion
  • 8. Gyronna* (Cult) – Hatred, Spite, Extortion
  • 9. Hecate -
  • 10. Kofusachi (Tian) – Abundance, Discovery, Happiness, Prosperity
  • 11. Kurgess
  • 12. Milani (SoT) – Hope, Devotion, Uprisings
  • 13. Naderi (SoT) – Drowning, Romantic Tragedy, Suicide
  • 14. Khaine* (Norgober) (Cult) (Vos) (Dark Elves) – Greed, Secrets, Poison, Murder
  • 15. Roidira – Dark Sister of Knowledge (?)
  • 16. Sivanah (SoT) – Illusions, Reflections, Mystery, Veils
  • 17. Urgathoa* (Cult) – Gluttony, Disease, Undeath
  • 18. Zon-Kuthon* (Cult) – Envy, Pain, Darkness, Loss
  • 19. Zyphus* (Cult) – Accidental Death, Graveyards, Tragedy
  • 20. Aegirran (D/I) – Dreams, Sailing, Voyages
  • 21. Angradd (D/I) - Fire, Tradition, War
  • 22. Bergelmir (D/I) - Elders, Family, Geneology
  • 23. Besmara (SoT) – Piracy, Strife, Sea Monsters
  • 24. Bolka (D/I) – Beauty, Desire, Love
  • 25. Dranngvit (D/I) – Debt, Pursuit, Vengeance
  • 26. Droskar (D/I) – Cheating, Slavery, Evil
  • 27. Fandarra (D/I) – Cycle of Life, Earth, Knowledge
  • 28. Findeladlara (E/I) – Art, Architecture, Twilight
  • 29. Folgrit (D/I) – Children, Hearths, Mothers
  • 30. Grundinnar (D/I) – Friendship, Loyalty, Peace
  • 31. Kols (D/I) – Duty, Honor, Promises
  • 32. Magrim (D/I) - Death, Fate, Underworld
  • 33. Nivi (SoT) – Gems, Stealth, Gambling
  • 34. Pulura (Cult) – Constellations, Homesickness, Northern Lights
  • 35. Skrymir (D/I) – Riddles, Wanderlust, Wit
  • 36. Trudd (D/I) – Bravery, Defense, Strength

Other (ancient) names for the decans:

  • Aaneval, Lord of Despair
  • Akiah, Lady of Prudence
  • Amael, Lady of Oppression
  • Aniel, Lord of Defeat
  • Chabuiyah, Lady of Love
  • Deneyal, Lady of Dominion
  • Elemiah, Lord of Victory
  • Hahahaal, Lord of the Unstable Effort
  • Hazael, Lord of Material Gain
  • Hechashiah, Lady of Ancient Strength
  • Heroch, Lord of Success Unfulfilled
  • Hokmiah, Lord of Sorrow
  • Ieilael, Lord of Eventuality
  • Kaliel, the Lordof Rest from Strife
  • Livoyah, Lady of Loss
  • Mahashiah, Lord of Valor
  • Mebahel, Lady of Peace Restored
  • Mendial, Lord of Power
  • Menqal, Lordof Ruin
  • Mihal, Lord of Perfected Success
  • Murmux, Lord of Wealth
  • Muumiah, Lord of Blended Pleasure
  • Naber, Lord of Illusionary Success
  • Nelokiel, Lord of Pleasure
  • Nithael, Lord of Perfected Work
  • Nithaya, Lady of Swiftness
  • Orvandal, Lord of Material Trouble
  • Rehael, Lord of Science
  • Rohael, Lord of Abundance
  • Shaliah, Lady of Material Happiness
  • Umibael, the Lady of Shortened Force
  • Vevaliah, Lady if Abandoned Success
  • Vishiriyah, Lady of Harmonious Change
  • Yeichavah, Lord of Effort
  • Yelayel, Lord of Strife
  • Yirthiel, Lord of Great Strength
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