The Huntsman


The Horseman and his entourage are forces of nature of the Endless Road. They appear almost anywhere, at any time, and seem to have no motivation other than slaughter.

The Horseman’s arrival is heralded by a sudden clouding of the sky and a rising mist, until little of the world beyond the road is visible. Day or night, the light that shines through the clouds takes on the sickle-shaped blue of the crescent moon. The Horseman appears amid thundering hooves, a headless apparition in black leather with silver embellishments, blood-red cloak fanned out behind. He stands in a saddle of blackest leather, and holds aloft a blood-stained sickle.

He rides a hideous beast, an enormous black charger of impossible ferocity. Flame erupts beneath her iron-shod hooves, blood drips where the reigns saw into the corners of her mouth, and her teeth come to carnivorous points. Behind them, a crowd seems to move through the fog, heralded by hideous laughter and gibbering babble. What follows is a collection of the Horseman’s prior victims, an array of heads that bounce and roll as though having just fallen from the headsman’s block. Most snap and bite, clinging to a foe, but a few bear the malevolent power of the domain, spitting vile curses in shrieking voices.


He appears seemingly at random. Sometimes he attacks instantly; at other times he harries foes for hours, letting them escape so that he might ride them down once more. He most frequently appears where the road is wide, or where numerous paths converge, allowing him a wide field of battle, and the road seems to accomadate him with many such places.

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