The Kami

The Great Kami include Lady Sun (Amaterasu omi-Kami), Lord Moon (Onnotangu - generally not invoked by name), and their nine children:

Hida (Crab)
Doji (Crane)
Togashi (Dragon)
Akodo (Lion)
Shiba (Phoenix)
Bayushi (Scorpion)
Shinjo (Unicorn)
Hantei Jimmu Tenno (the First Emperor), and
Fu Leng (but we don't pray to him!)

In addition, the major kami include the Seven Fortunes:

Benten (fortune of beauty and romantic love)
Bishamon (fortune of strength)
Daikoku (fortune of wealth)
Ebisu (fortune of honest work)
Fukurokujin (fortune of wisdom)
Hotei (fortune of contentment), and
Jurojin (fortune of longevity).

Other kami often invoked include:

Inari (fortune of rice, grain and harvest, and protector of foxes)
Megumi (fortune of heroic fate)
Osano-Wo (fortune of fire and thunder)
Suitengu (fortune of the sea and sailors)
Tenjin (fortune of writing and literacy)
Jikojun (East wind)
Zocho (South wind)
Komoku (West wind)
Tamon (North wind)

Minor kami inhabit every grove, every river, every mountain. Finally, the spirits of ancestors are also revered.

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