The Light

During the Scourge which followed Alec of Ambercand’s death, many began to worship the Light while huddled in the dark underground. When humanity re-surfaced after centuries, it was this faith that drove back many of the Horrors due to its restrictive cosmology as opposed to the cosmology of the Pagan gods.

The religion gained its greatest credence in Valón after the death of St. Heironomous, but soon other saints were recognized and the religion spread to the other Seven Kingdoms and beyond. It is now recognized as the official state religion; though some pay it more heed then others. Pagan worship still continues, but mostly in rural areas, causing a schism between the nobles and the peasants.

The Light is a monotheistic religion which is the antitheses to corruption, darkness, chaos, and evil. True faith in the Light is capable of holding back all these forces, and potentially destroying or driving them from this world.

Worshippers of the Light, or rather those who give it more then lip-service do not recognize an organic living world in the sense that pagans do. This is what gives true faith in the Light such power; however it also limits the world view of a devotee of the Light to a very strict us-or-them, good-vs.-evil, light-vs.-dark mentality.

Three main clerical Orders have emerged since the faith’s founding, each tasked with a different facet of the Light. They are the Order of the Bringers of Truth or the Enlighteners; the Order of the Seekers of Truth, or the Inquisitors; and the Order of the Students of Truth, or the Illuminators. Each sect is made up of Templars (clerics), Priests, Fighters, laity, and support personnel. Some rivalry exists between the three sects, though it is mostly friendly.

  • The Order of the Bringers of Truth, or the Enlighteners as they are more commonly known, serve as both missionaries and as the founders of most permanent churches. The majority of its members are clerics and priests, though it does sponsor several fighting orders to provide protection for its holdings and its missions.
  • The Order of the Seekers of Truth, or the Inquisitors as they have become infamously known, serves the church as an internal policing agency, and as a military arm. It consists mainly of fighters and templars, with some paladins and priests filling out its ranks.
  • The Order of the Students of Truth, or the Illuminators, are a mostly scholarly order who serve the church as record keepers, librarians, sages, and keepers of Knowledge-Man-Was-Not-Meant-To-Know. Many of this order's members are priests and even wizards, though they maintain several chapter houses of templars and fighters for when the need arises for direct action in the recovery of an item or piece of knowledge.
  • Another Order exists beyond these three, known as the Order of the Knights of the Realm. This is an elite order of all paladins who foreswear all allegiances save to the higher power of the Light. They answer only to their own and the highest levels of the church. No border is closed to them, no door barred to them, and no Horror safe from them. Knights of the Realm exist only to combat the Horrors wherever they are found.

The servants of the Light are spirits (saints), but the Light itself is an abstract, an absolute, which is a unique religion on Arcallis. Worship of the Light is a modern phenomenon, post-scourge. It has taken root among the nobility and only spread somewhat into the lower classes. A schism exists between the two religions.

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