The Lost Age

The Gods

When the task of maintaining creation against the constant onslaught of chaos became burdensome and monotonous, the titans created the Gods to oversee creation. These were spirits of creation created to maintain creation from moment to moment. Some, like the spirit of a reed, were weak; others nigh rivaled the power of the titans, such as Sun and Moon. Each was charged with overseeing a certain part or facet of creation or a part of the grand celestrial bureaucracy put in place to oversee the actions of the whole.

The War against the Titans

Soon, be it because the gods were jealous of the titans, or because the gods grew tired of cleaning up after the destructive titans, or for some other reason, the gods decided to usurp the titans. But the gods could not challenge the titans; their rebellion had been foreseen. But the gods raised up mortals with powers and gifts and council; and the mortals fought the titans. But the titans were greater than creation and when they died, creation could not return their essence to existence as with most creations. So these dead titans sunk through creation to a new place: the Underworld. As the war raged, gods were destroyed as were some titans and countless mortals. The souls of these dead were drawn to the underworld as iron by a magnet. Where once before the soul or essence of the dead returned to creation, now it roamed an afterlife.

End of the Titan War

Leads to the First Age of Man.

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