The Second Age Of Man

The Breaking of the Wards

With the fall of known civilization, a great plague sweeps over the land killing many of those who survivied the war. Seeing an opportunity, the forces of chaos marshal and invade creation. It is only the activation of the First Age Empire's weapons and defenses by an unknown soldier that drives them back beyond creations borders. Hailed as a hero, she seizes power and founds a Second Empire of Man, Atlantis.

The Rise of Atlantis

The Scarlet Empress rules from the Iron Throne and her power, and that of Atlantis, are unrivaled.

The Fall of Atlantis

Plots and ancient curses work to undo all that has been done by Man. The Scarlet Empress's disappearence plunges her Empire into disarray and all its enemies and those of creation once again marshal for invasion.

The War in Heaven

Even as the terrestials struggle to survive the onslaught, the celestials war amoungst themselves over ideological matters, leaving man to fend for himself. Though Heaven is victorious, its unity is destroyed. The defeated are cast out of Heaven; the fallen are created.

The Bending of the World

As with everything, even an end to an Age must come. Man is left on his own with the War in Heaven and soon the world is overrun with too many enemies on too many fronts - the covetous and jealous powers of Chaos, the exiled titans of the Abyss, the deathless and dreaming Malfeans of the Underworld, and the resurrected heroes of the First Age. On the brink of destruction, a deperate plan is hatched to save creation. The world is bent around a sixth elemental pole, sundering it into layers and levels. Protected from destruction by the forces arrayed against it; it is still lessened and different. Thus the Third Age of Man is begun.

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