The Stolen Lands

Adventure One: Kingmaker

Act I: Prolog

Session One 04/06/12

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The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

Plot Point: Prolog

Kanith, the last surviving heir of his family, now in hiding for fear of assassination and the machinations of the enemies of his house, has been hiding out in the northern borderlands of the Kingdom of Furyundy selling his sword to merchants, farmers, and villages in whatever capacity they need. Recently, a troll by the name of Nix has been wreaking havoc in the region, stealing sheep, eating travellers, and making a nuisance of himself. The steadholders in the area of have promised a bounty for the troll's death and Kanith has tracked the beast into the wilderness to collect.

While tracking, he comes on the scene of a recent battle; goblins lay scattered across the battlefield while a huddle of dead Ivanian huscarls lies piled in the center. Deciding to investigate and determine if any of the Ivanians are alive, Kanith discovers a beautiful woman with long silver braids buried under the dead men. She is the only survivor and seems unharmed. As she regains consciousness, Kanith attempts to question her in halting Ivanian. Before she can respond, however, Nix, attracted to the scene of the battle by the carrion, makes an appearance.

A brutal battle ensues. Kanith, an expert swordsman, avoids most of the deadly blows of the troll, while his armor absorbs the few hits the troll manages to land. Each time the troll misses, Kanith punishes him with an expertly placed counterstroke, but the troll's natural toughness and armor turn aside most of the blows harmlessly. The Ivanian woman lends her aid in the battle in the form of magical vines which attempt to hold the troll. She manages to bind the troll for a moment, giving Kanith the opportunity to strike for its head, dealing the creature a brutal and finishing strike. But the troll's wound closes and it fights on.

Kanith realizes he may have underestimated this opponent and overestimated his chances of taking down a troll solo. In an amazing move, he slices his own backpack open, retrieves the lantern oil he is carrying, and coats his blade with it. He calls to the girl to light a torch and set his blade on fire. She quickly moves around behind him, avoiding the troll, and manages to get his blade burning. As she opens her mouth to say something to him, a burst of sound in a long cone rips forth, blasting both combatants, battering and pummeling them. Kanith figures this is just more of the magic she has already shown, but she is startled.

The battle turns for Kanith and the girl as they burn Nix and shatter his body with sonic screams. Kanith takes its head as proof of the deed.

The girl seems mute, and while she can understand Kanith's Anuiriean, neither can read the other's language; her communication is limited to gestures. In addition, the girl seems to have taken a blow to the head, causing her memory of where she is from and going to be lost. Kanith offers to take her to a nearby trading post where she might be able to find help. They set out.

Savage Tale: First Blood

It is several days in the wilderness, and the first night of the full moon, when they happen on a small village. The villagers welcome the pair and are especially happy with Kanith's arrival. They tell of a coming of age ceremony for a young maiden that must happen tonight. A Horror has been haunting the village of late, possessing virgins and turning them into horrid werewolf-like beasts who slaughter their own friends and family. They desire for Kanith to de-flower the maiden and save them from the Horror, rather than having one of her cousins take her. The bonus of having potential new, and noble, blood mix with the village is a real bonus; even the young maiden is happy with the prospect.

The villagers are concerned that the Ivanian girl Kanith is with might be a virgin and they attempt to examine her, but she will have none of it, and chooses to leave the village rather then suffer the indignity of being checked. She slips back near the village and awaits the start of the ceremony. Kanith and the young maiden are feasted and blessed then shoved into a room with a "clean" (for the village) bed to consumate the ceremony. Nervous and a bit edgy at being forced to couple with the young maid, Kanith hesitates long enough for a fear-inducing howl to sound outside.

The last victim of the Horror seems to have survived the last 30 days in the wilds and has transformed under the full moon into a savage beast, returning to the village and her loved ones to wreak yet more havoc. Kanith and the Ivanian girl rush to defend the viallge. The beast is savage, quick, and immune to steel. Once again Kanith finds himself unable to deal a finishing blow. He drives his sword through the leg of the beast, pinning her to the ground and setting her up for the Ivanian girl's sonic scream, the brunt of which he also endures. Behind them, the scream also demolishes one of the houses.

Both Kanith and the girl realize there is something they are missing about destroying this Horror forever, but they cannot remember the specifics. Rather than burn the corpse or any other method of disposal they offer to take it with them to attempt to learn the method and deal with it. The villagers are grateful, offering the young maiden or anything else the party wants as a reward. Refusing anything but a mule to carry the corpse, they set out the next day.

Arriving at Oleg's Trading Post, they meet Oleg and Svetlana, his wife. Svetlana has more than a little folklore and has heard of this type of Horror before. It turns out it is as simple as exposing the corpse, with the trapped spirit still inside, to nightfall with a mouth full of wildflowers. They proceed to pick some flowers and come nightfall, destroy the trapped spirit.

Act II: Oleg's Trading Post

Session Two 04/08/12

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Plot Point: Trouble at Oleg's

The party learns that bandits have been extorting the trading post for the last three months and are due an hour after sunrise tomorrow, if they stick to their usual timetable. Svetlana, worried that Oleg is going to snap and get himself killed, begs the heroes for help against the robbers. Oleg is not happy to have to ask strangers for aid, but Kannith makes him believe it is the knight who is in Oleg's debt, as any opportunity to aid those in need is what he lives for.

They plan an ambush for the following morning. As the bandits enter the stockade, Kanna closes the gate, trapping them and Kannith wades in with his sword. The bandit's leader, Happs Bydon, and the three bandits he brought prove no match for the party.

Svetlana relates that on their first visit they were led by a mean-spirited woman and there were close to a dozen bandits. Each month fewer and fewer have come, always led by Bydon. From their eagerness to leave and the direction of travel she estimates their camp to be a day or two away at most into the forest. On that first visit, the woman scared her with threats of taking her to the camp and almost lopping off Oleg's hand. In exchange for not "shortening his reach" she stole Svetlana's wedding band. In private, Oleg offers to pay handsomely for its return.

Act III: Exploring the Greenbelt

Oleg also mentions that the Swordlords of Restov have issued a charter to explore and pacify the Greenbelt and shows them the flyer detailing the charter. The party decides to help fulfill it and set about exploring the lands.

Savage Tale: The Thorn Ford Camp

Session Three 04/14/12

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The party stumbles on the main bandit camp run by Kressle and find that numbers often make up for skill. They are overpowered and captured. Kressle drags Kannith off to have her way with him, letting slip that they will be delivered to her boss at a secret fort to the west. During the night, they manage to work free of their bonds, overpower their guards and flee to Oleg's to heal up.

At Oleg's a group of men-at-arms have arrived, led by Kesten Garess, a disgraced nobleman, sent by the Swordlords. He offers himself or his men to further the party's goals.

The party returns to the campsite in force to find it abandoned. They continue their explorations alone.

Interlude: Restov

Session Four 04/20/12

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The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

A woodswoman named, Leizl, arrives at the trading post from her forays and joins the party. They decide to report to the Swordlords about their progress in person as well as selling off some of the higher end loot they have taken. They explore along the way, discovering Bokken's hut as well as some trolls dwelling in an abandoned fort along the road. Later, Kannith has an intimate encounter with a willing young lass in the village of Navekta's Crossing, about a day's travel outside Restov. The party learns that a woman matching Kressle's description is ahead of them on the road with a group of, what must be, bandits.

In Restov they search out and ambush the bandits, sell their loot, and report to the Swordlords their commitment to fulfulling the charter.

They return from Restov via a pass further west rather then travel the road again so they can explore new territory. Along the way they return to the village of Gana, where earlier they defeated a werewolf-like creature. They help driving off some bandits who are causing the village trouble. Kannith takes the elders up on their offer to de-flower the lass from before.

Leaving the village they happen on more bandits, who are defeated in short order. Later, they come to a burned down ferry, called Davik's Crossing for the old man who built and ran it until he was murdered by the Stag Lord and his men. His ghost appears to the party and demands they bring him the head of the Stag Lord. The party agrees to try.

Session Five 04/28/12

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Kanith's Journal

The party continue their explorations as well as fending off a group of assassins sent for Kannith. Leizl decides she prefers Oleg's to trapezing around the countryside. She does get the catapults in working order, however.

Session Six 11/18/12

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The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

GM Note: switched back to this campaign after wrapping up the first adventure of A Shining Beacon. Savage Worlds is an amazing system; it really is fast, furious, and fun! We cover at least three times as much story as we would using any other system we have tried due to its fast resolution system and quick, but tactically flexible, combat. Still not sure I like the magic system (right?), but the rest is gold!

Late Summer
Kannith and Kanna arrive back at Oleg's to find the Siren's Guard and their captain, a dark-eyed ranger, waiting for them. Memories flood back to Kanna: these are her people and the ranger her man! They beg her to return to her kingdom, and to make sure she returns safely, Kannith rides along and spends the winter in her palace.

Early Spring
Kiley has spent the last few months making her way north. She arrives at Oleg's Trading Post and settles in. She has reached her 18th birthday and blossomed as a woman; no longer can she disguise herself as a boy. Her arrival garners considerable gossip but her obvious status and good looks have, so far, kept the men at bay.

Kannith arrives shortly thereafter and his coming is heralded by the people and there is much joy. The winter has been hard, but, aside from a wolf attack and some giant sightings, the trading post has thrived—even grown! Three new men-at-arms patrol the area, all still led by Captain Garess. Several new outbuildings have sprung up, including a blacksmith, a chandler (general store), and a tanner.

During the festivities Kannith approaches the pretty young noblewoman, and on learning that she is an "adventuress", realizes that after the failed assassination attempt from last summer, his pursuers have gotten smarter and sent this new huntress after him. Looking into her limpid eyes her knows he is doomed. He aquieseces to her request to join him and in the morning they set out to investigate the Sycamore Mites.

After returning to Oleg's to commission some cold iron weapons for their next foray against the mites, they head back out to explore.

Session Seven 11/25/12

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The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

The party, after resting in the hotsprings at the head of the Skunk river, and feasting on giant froglegs, heads for Oleg's via the Temple of the Elk. On arrival, Jharod grants them refuge and the hospitality of his small enclave. The next day, as they are preparing to leave, Khannith is suprised to find a very pregnant Cassie, the girl from the village of Nivakta's Crossing with whom he had a fling some ten months ago. She goes into labour on the spot.

Alex offers her help to Jharod, which is good as his acolyte passes out during the birth. It is a healthy baby girl after a very short delivery. She has lovely blue-eyes and whisps of blonde hair. Khannith visits and asks if it is his. Cassie does not claim it is so, but does claim that after Khannith, no man could compare. She asks if the party will see her to Oleg's and they agree to when she is able to travel.

Two days later they set out. Khannith, though embarrassed, has decided to claim the child and mother as his and has agreed to take over their upkeep. It is an uneventful trip back. Khannith's cold iron mace is ready and Oleg agrees to look after the girl as a favor, perhaps even beginning construction of a small cottage. Feeling better prepared to deal with the fey, they depart towards the Old Sycamore.

Savage Tale: The Sootscales

They arrive after an uneventful trip to find a small band of kobolds clashing with the fey mites; they are driven off. Curious, the party follows and makes contact. One of the koblolds is able to communicate and seems excited at their offer of alliance against the mites. The party is taken to the kobold home, an abandoned silver mine. There they meet the chief, and learn that the tribe is under a terrible curse after having lost the idol of their new god, a winged kobold called Old Sharptooth, to the mites. They learn that the tribes new shaman, a strange purple kobold recently instituted the new worship and enforcement of the curse; the tribe has lost over half its members to the curse and the fight with the mites. They agree to help and set out.

Savage Tale: The Old Sycamore

For the third and final time the party decend into the rootfilled caverns under the Old Sycamore tree. The mites have domesticated several giant vermin, including giant centipedes, giant ticks, and, in a disturbing twist, a bus sized giant whiptail centipede, that fortunatly for the party, is barely able to move in the cramped tunnels. They have little trouble clearing the area of the pesky creatures with their cold iron implements, and any such trouble is only due to the fact of the low ceilings and, for Kiley, the improvised nature of her weapon.

Recovering the kobold's idol they return to the silver mine. The chief greets them and asks them to hand the statue over. They do and are suprised when he smashes it, declaring the curse lifted and calling for the death of the shaman infidel. The party joins the rush to kill the shaman, who fires off a few magic missiles before attempting to flee. The chief tracks him down and finishes him single-handed. There is much rejoicing!

The chief agrees to ally with Kannith and the humans of Oleg's, solving one of the three hurdles the Swordlords set to grant the colonial charter. Hoping to solve one of the other two, the exploration of the eastern Greenbelt, before returning to Oleg's to gather the manpower to solve the third, the destruction of the Stag Lord, they set out to finish their explorations.

Session Eight 12/03/12

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The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

While exploring a loop of the Skunk river the party finds a ford guarded by a mated pair of tatzlwurms who the party puts down with ease. Searching the den they find a map of a large region of the lands they have already explored, with one curiousity marked in an area they thought explored: a cairn. Though wet they push on, vowing to explore that area again when they are done in this area. As evening comes the temperature begins dropping and they are caught in a cold snap. They huddle together for warmth, Kannith not having any winter clothing. They awake to a blinding snowstorm and have to wait it out. Kannith goes hunting when it clears, as their food is dwindling. He bags a deer and he and Kiley clean and dress it then smoke the meat.

The next day the weather breaks and it begins to rain. They break camp and begin their explorations. They cross paths with a large bear who Kannith feeds smoked meat, trying to distract it. That night it enters their camp and starts to rummage through their packs, but Kiley wakes up and Kannith is able to drive it off by beating his shield.

The next day they find a dead unicorn whose horn has been sheared off. Strangely, though it seems to have been here awhile, the corpse has not begun to decompose; as well, they suspect it was killed with death magic. Finished with the exploration of the required area for the charter they head to the area where the cairn is marked on the map they found to search for it. It takes them little time to find the ancient cairn of an Andu warrior-king. They decide not to desecrate it and mark it on the map.

That evening, a dense fog rolls in. As they sit near their fire, still huddled together, but now not against the cold, a voice calls out to them asking to share their fire. It is a pair of hunters, named Gareth and Barnabas, who saw their fire, and scared by what they call the Wraithmist, desire to spend the night. Gareth seems superstitious and keeps the party up telling ghost-stories. Barnabas, a decent cook, has already rolled over and gone to sleep. Kiley, ever suspicious, does not trust these "travellers" and insists she and Kannith take turns staying awake in case they try anything. They don't.

Act IV: Against the Stag Lord

A couple days later, they are back at Oleg's, who is overjoyed at the return of his wife's wedding band, taken back from the kobolds who took it from the mites who took it from the bandits who had taken it from Svetlana. The local blacksmith claims it might take him months to make all the shortswords the party promised to the kobolds as part of their deal, so they decide to head to Restov to buy them. During their time at Oleg's, Kiley visits Cassie and Raven often, bringing gifts and looking after the infant. Cassie attempts to rekindle the romance between her and Kannith, but Kannith spurns her for Kiley, driving the poor girl to take her leave and return to Nivekta's Crossing.

Borrowing a horse for Chaucer, the three set out for Restov. The second night, at Fort Serenko, Kannith spies light from one of the abandoned watchtowers and discovers a beautiful and expensive sash enchanted with a light spell. Seeing no sign of foul play or any other travellers, he takes it.

The next day they pass Cassie's village and decide to check on the girl. While Chaucer and Kiley await Kannith's return at the inn, Chaucer has a chance to redeem himself for the humiliation he suffered here the previous year when he lost all his clothing gambling, and involves Kiley and Cinnamon in a horse race, which she easily wins. Kannith manages to talk his way past Cassie's disapproving father and when he confronts the girl she claims the child was never his and she cannot continue lying to Kannith to take advantage of him. Though obvious she is lying, Kannith accepts this at face value, and relieved, makes his exit under the glowering eyes of Cassie's family.

Arriving in Restov after another day, they settle into an inn where they bath and refresh themselves. Kannith, distraught over his treatment of Cassie and Raven, calls on Kiley and drinks away the night. Chaucer is happy to have his room to himself. A message awaits them the next morning asking their attendance on Lord Ismort at their earliest convience. A shopping trip for clothes, a shave, and a bath later finds them attending the Swordlord behind the Greenbelt charter. Chaucer has been sent to order the swords and armor, though at Kiley's insistence is not given any money in advance, she fearing he will lose it gambling.

The discussion takes the rest of the day, and Ismort, seemingly smitten with Kiley, asks the lady to stay for dinner to continue the "discussions". She declines and she and Kannith spend the evening attending a play and taking a stroll. For the first time she responds to Kannith's advances, flirting a bit. The next day is taken up with more meetings with the lord who appraises them of what they can expect in terms of aid and manpower from Restov to get their colony going, once the Stag Lord is dealt with.

The next day they set out for Oleg's along with a rented wagon carrying the arms and armor promised the kobolds. A small army is seen gathering at the gate, to what purpose they do not know. Max steps in a hole and comes up lame, slowing the party to a crawl. Two days later, with Max getting worse, they holeup at Nivekta's Crossing where Max can get proper treatment. Still feeling guilty over his treatment of Cassie, Kannith decides to have delivered a small chest with cash to help the family out. He entrusts it to Chaucer, who, under the watchful eyes of a stalking Kiley, delivers it.

A week later, Max better they set out again, this time reaching Oleg's without incident. Plans are made for moving out in force to the kobold's lair with the arms and armor on mules then moving against the fort on the Tuskwater. Kiley, Kannith, Chaucer, Garess, and two of the militia will make up the strike force, along with whatever kobolds join them.

Session Nine 12/08/12

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The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

The party makes it to the kobold lair and catches them by suprise, much to their chagrin. The chief is thrilled with the new gear and prestige its aquisition has brought him. After he parcels the arms and armor out a great feast is thrown and he commits himself and 8 kobolds, 4 of whom are already watching the keep, to the battle. The party plans to follow the river to the ford downstream, then cross the river and continue following it to the lake and fort.

During the trip, a warg is seen shadowing them; the kobolds fearfully relate, and the humans confirm, a story of a horrid warg, Howl-of-the-North, and his bloodthristy pack that roams the Kamelands. Though they set up watches, a kobold is slain that night, with the Chief taking his revenge on the giant wolf.

Unknown to them, as they cross the ford, word of their approach has reached the bandits at the Tuskwater fort, who begin calling in reinforcements from the area. Along the river, the party stumbles on an old mine hidden behind a waterfall which opens into a defensive series of caves. Cinnamon has come up lame today and Kiley walks him. They wait until late in the day at the caves, timing their approach to the fort for after dark, when they feel the kobolds, and their nightvision, will give them an edge.

Arriving at the fort and after contacting the scouts, they surveil the fort themselves and make plans. The fort appears to be the old remains of a stone building on which wooden watchtowers and scaffolding has been build. It is situated on top of a small hill with 300' of visibility all around and a track leading up to the gate on the northern side. It is decided that Kesten and his two militia will approach in the dark from the western side of the hill, raining down fiery crossbow bolts to create a distraction, while the kobold leader and four of his scouts slip up from the, oddly undefended, south eastern side, slip over the wall and open the gate, at which time the rest of them will enter the fort and begin the slaughter.

Just as the militia get into position, undead burst from the ground around both groups, catching them totally by suprise. Kesten is incapacitated immediately by a lucky blow and one of his men is grabbed and killed by the zombies, the second evades their attacks for the moment. The kobolds fare little better, losing 3 in the inital assault. Kannith rides to rescue the men, while Kiley grabs Chaucer's horse and rides to relieve the kobolds. The groups are not close together and during the time it takes to ride, the bandits, alerted by the sounds of battle, fire on them with bows.

Gaston, the remaining militiaman, rises to the occasion, proving himself a hero, as he fights a running battle against the zombies. The koblold chief as well acquits himself well. The Stag Lord himself begins firing on Kannith, his aim unerring and deadly, but Kannith manages to block the worst of the shots, his armor taking the brunt of the rest. Finally reaching Kesten, Kannith pulls him onto Max and rides down the zombies harrying gaston. About now, more zombies have risen from the ground and Kiley is pulled from her horse and zombies attempt to make a meal of it, but she, the chief, and the lone kobold scout make quick work of them, withdrawing to safety.

The party retreats to the caves under the arrows and taunts of the bandits. Kannith guess that the undead have something to do with the monks of the old monastery and doubts they can succeed in taking the fort with this few men. It is decided to let the chief scout the fort out, now that it is on full alert, while they sit tight and wait. Over the next few days the chief is unable to get too close to the fort, but does report that the numbers of bandits are swelling. Talks turn to leaving to reinforce Oleg's before a small army of bandits head out to raze it, but it is decided to give the chief a few more days to get close and scout the fort itself.

After a few days the bandits, not organized or disciplined in the first place, have begun to get careless. The party has been suprised they stayed on alert as long as they did and finally the chief is able to get close to the fort and breach it. He brings back word that he has found a hidden door buried outside the palisade and brings them accurate plans to the inside of the fort. It is decided that they will try another assault tonight.

Still holed up in the caves during that day however, one of the kobolds, all of whom have been hunting for fresh food the last few days, brings word of a large group of bandits on the move. Some two dozen by his count, traveling upriver! This means they are moving on Oleg's! Discussions ensue on what they should do—assault the keep as planned, especially while it is weakened, attack the army, or ride for Oleg's.

During the discussions, Akiros slips into the caves unnoticed, having caught a kobold and forced it to lead him tot he party. He offers to switch sides and betray the fort to the party by opening the gate and killing the sentry on the northeastern watchtower. He confirms that the dead of the monastary guard the keep's flanks, but kill anyone, not just intruders. The group is suspicious, but desperate, so they accept.

After Akiros leaves, the party decide they will have the kobolds slip in the hidden door while they enter the gate, just in case Akiros betrays them. It is also decided to send Gaston to warn Oleg's of the approaching army. Before he leaves on Chaucer's horse, he begs Kiley's favor and receives it and a kiss.

That night the fort falls to the party in a bloody and brutal battle.

Epilog: The Cleanup

Session Ten 12/18/12

EXP Awards Kanith Kiley
Session Total
Total 5232

The cast of characters
Kanith's Journal

Akiros tells the party that the store areas in the fort's dungeon is guarded by a druidic madman and will have to be killed to clear him out. The three descend into the tombs…emerging victorious against the old man. They quickly catalog the treasure and make plans to ride to Oleg's, taking Akiros and Auchs on the fort's horses and leaving everyone else to guard the fort and kill any bandits that show up.

On horse it is 21 hours to Oleg's and by foot 34, so even with the 8 hour headstart they think they can beat the bandits. It is hoped Gaston won't run into trouble as he should be able to give the trading post a 2 day warning. During the three day journey the party finds that they were exposed to diseased water when they find a corpse upstream from an area they drank from, but no one gets sick. On the last day, as they leave the Kamelands and enter the plains they run into half-a-dozen bandits who they slaughter to a man with little trouble. The camp turns out to be a watch camp for the main bandit army however, and the party has to flee as the main group rushes, too late, to the aid of their comrades.

The party arrives at Oleg's either 2 hours ahead of the bandits if they push, or up to a day or more if they lollygag, but the defenders of the fort are happy to see them and have been busy making preperations sionce Gaston's arrival 2 days ago. Kannith takes over since he has actual field experience. Before dawn the next day the fort is scouted and after dark the assualt begins. The advantage of the fort and the skilled fighting ability of the heroes and their stalwart allies turns the tide quickly in the party's favor. After only a brief skirmish the bandits are broken and attempt to withdraw, taking heavy losses. Only a few defenders and buildings are lost. The Greenbelt is theirs!

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