The Towers Of Morning

Session One 11/02/15

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards (6) Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors (10)
Starting Experience 100,000 30,000 100,000 150,000 30,000
Adventure Experience 0 0 0 0 0
Combat Experience 0 0 0 0 0
Session Experience 2,650 2,000 2,650 4,000 2,000
RP Experience 900 0 0 1,200 0
Total Session Exp 3,550 2,000 2,650 5,200 2000
Total Experience 103,550 32,000 102,265 155,200 32,000
Needed Experience 150,000 60,000 150,000 210,000 60,000

The cast of characters
We spent the evening deciding on the campaign and characters. Chad gets a leg up with extra Ability points and a bonus level. Both characters are interesting and it is decided to start in Greater Havenor.

Act One: Gallery of Evil

Session Two 11/03/15

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards (5) Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors (10)
Starting Experience 103,550 32,000 102,265 155,200 32,000
Adventure Experience 0 0 0 0
Combat Experience 0 0 0 0 0
Session Experience 2,650 2,000 0 0 0
RP Experience 0 0 0 0 0
Total Session Exp 2,650 0 0 0 0
Total Experience 106,200 34,000 102,265 155,200 32,000
Needed Experience 150,000 60,000 150,000 210,000 60,000

The cast of characters
Just Alessadra playing and she and her guard rapidly find themselves outclassed by the tentacled horrors.

Day 1
Alessadra has been invited to a noble's house to offer a blessing of the sea. She is suspicious that her role at the temple is one of honeypot….luring gold into the coffers. There is no answer when they ring the bell by the front gate, but she hears the sounds of distant destruction in the house. The Voice suggests an immediate retreat, but she is determined to investigate.

Approaching the house the sounds are louder. Entering she and her guards are shocked at the sight of two vividly colored tentacled horrors, playing tug-of-war with the body of the noble she was here to meet. She collects herself quickly enough to cast a protective spell on her Voice, and it helps deflect a few of the ridiculous amount of attacks. Somehow between eight slams, a grab per successful slam, and toxic goo, the Voice survives, though he is disabled.

Alessandra realizes she is responsible for the current predicament, having chosen not to retreat; too late she orders a full retreat. The defensive training of her guards allows everyone to make it outside, but the Voice is too injured to outrun the horrors and calls for everyone else to flee while he delays the monsters.

Session Three 11/05/2015

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors
Starting Experience 106,200 34,000 102,265 155,200 32,000
Adventure Experience 5,350 0 0 5,350 0
Combat Experience 3,200 3,200 0 3,200 0
Session Experience 2,650 2,000 2,650 4,000 2,000
RP Experience 4,800 0 0 8,000 0
Total Session Exp 16,000 5,200 2,650 20,550 2,000
Total Experience 122,200 39,200 104,915 175,750 34,000
Needed Experience 150,000 60,000 150,000 210,000 60,000

The cast of characters

The city watch streams past Alessandra and her 4 remaining guards trying vainly to stop the horrific monstrosities. She and her newly chosen Mouthpiece stop a ways off to set up a triage area for the inevitable wounded.

Sebastian rounds the corner from the opposite direction, late for an appointment with the late Asheron Coyle, the dead noble Alessandra was visiting. He immediately joins the fray and when Alessandra sees that he is able to (just barely) damage the creatures, sends two of her guards to help.

Finally they overcome the beasts, with the aid of the guards and city watch. (EL 9 - 1,070 each) Upon their demise the horrors dissolve into paint which leaves everyone confused.

A halfling servant from the manor staggers out and tells them that the man who delivered the wrapped painting to his master had other wrapped paintings and, after a short visit, with Lord Coyle had departed to deliver them. Everyone is horrified at this revelation, thoughts of an epic disaster in the making passing through everyone's minds.

The city watch here has a fire in the manor to take care of and tells the party that an important foreign dignitary is distracting all the high level help. The party is offered a reward, tripled if they can apprehend Asheron Coyle's killer, and deputized to deal with the menace of the paintings. They accept.

Sebastian gets a good description of the man who made the deliveries, and both he and Alessandra recognize the man as "The Well-dressed Gentleman", a local rake with a silver tongue from a disgraced minor noble house. Using his investigative skills he is able to track the man's movements and they quickly arrive at the estate of Belfor Vittanis, another well-known art connoisseur and critic. A drunken revelry is in full swing with well over a hundred guests in attendance.

As they approach they overhear the coachmen and other servants talking about the scandalous Lady Tillanda's taste in paramours. Questioning them, they learn that the Well-dressed Gentleman rode off in her carriage with two more paintings to deliver, after dropping one off here, which Belfor plans on revealing to the crowd. The party explains their presence and the urgency of the situation, and are admitted to the party. As they enter, and are accosted by 4 drunkards staggering down from the upper floors who think them to be entertainers, they hear the voice of a man trying to get the attention of the guests for the unveiling of the "mysterious painting". (EL 5 - 265 each)

The ballroom is crowded shoulder-to-shoulder with dandies, drunks, celebrities, and nobles and all the entourage associated with such personages. The party begins trying to make their way to the raised dais on which they see Belfor and the painting. He is gesticulating wildly and attempting to shout above the din of the crowd, making a grand and flamboyant speech about the painting and art.

Sebastian gets bogged down when he is cornered by a long-winded talker, who Alessandra managed to stare down (EL 4 - 265 each). She is almost crushed under the weight of a staggering drunk who crashes to the floor (EL 4 -265 each). Both barely escape the pawing and grabbing of drunk and overly affectionate guests (EL 4 - 265 each). Despairing of getting to the dais in time, and just barely in range, she casts create water targeting the painting in an attempt to destroy it, wash the paint away, or at least knock it down. Her massive blast of water manages to smash the painting to bits. As it careens off the stand and the wrapping tears they can make out a hellish expanse of lava with demons and devils battling. The painting smokes and bubbles, but is neutralized. (EL 9 - 1,070 each) (Story Award of 5,350 for defeating the painting without it activating)

Alessandra is surrounded by bouncers and bodily removed from the ballroom. Sebastian notices a painting of Belfor, Coyle, and an unknown grey-haired woman as he follows. They manage to convince Belfor of what is going on, in large part due to Alessandra's local celebrity status. Sebastian asks Belfor about the third person in the painting he noticed and is told it is Eleazonna Gertwright, another prominent art critic, who lives over on Burgundy Wine Terrace. Lady Tillanda confirms that she lent the Well-dressed Gentleman her carriage to finish his deliveries, after which he was to return here. A coachman confirms that he was headed to Burgundy Wine Terrace. They depart post-haste.

Session Four 11/24/2015

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards (3) Elisian Elisian's Lovers (5) Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors (10)
Starting Experience 122,200 39,200 100,000 30,000 104,915 175,750 34,000
Adventure Experience 12,000 0 12,000 0 0 12,000 0
Combat Experience 1,065 1,065 1,065 0 0 1,065 0
Session Experience 2,650 2,000 2,650 2,000 2,650 4,000 2,000
RP Experience 9,500 0 10,250 0 0 13,500 0
Total Session Exp 25,215 3,065 25,965 2,000 2,650 30,565 2,000
Total Experience 147,415 42,265 125,965 32,000 107,565 206,315 36,000
Needed Experience 150,000 60,000 150,000 60,000 150,000 210,000 60,000

The cast of characters
Justin joins the table with Elisian, an exiled Drow Undead Lord of Urgathoa, whose beauty rivals any being's. She had arrived on Arcallis from the Shadowfey some time ago in the Ruins of Djira where she had manipulated several bands of brigands into a loose alliance. She had gained the attention of the Lamia however, and that being was not willing to tolerate such a beautiful rival, so had set in motion a plot whereby the nearby elves of Rhounnach attempted to assassinate her. Fleeing ahead of the elves she had arrived in Aftane where she began her machinations again. Here she ran afoul of the Red Kings, the mysterious five leaders of the country, and was again forced to flee, this time to Havenor. Now in Havenor she has attached herself to a married, wealthy, merchant lord and taken many starving-artist lovers to drive him insane with jealousy.

Elisian is at Lord Belfours party when Alessandra and Sebastian arrive and deal with the painting: she is greatly amused by their antics. Learning of the power of the painting and that there may be more, she decides to tail the party in hopes of securing one for herself.

Both Sebastian and Alessandra note they are being followed by the beautiful Drow and her undead bodyguard. Arriving at the address of Lady Gertwright, they spot the Well-dressed Gentleman exiting a sleek black coach with a package under his arm. Sebastian makes note that he is only carrying one, and hopes the other is aboard the carriage. Before they can react, the young man is attack by some unseen assailant and knocked to the ground, the package flying from his hands coming to rest some distance away.

Sebastian rushes forward, impeded by his medium armor, to secure the package, while Alessandra orders her guards to secure the coach. Darius, the Well-dressed Gentleman, continues to be assaulted by an invisible attacker, neither able to effect much damage to the other. Elisian and her servant slowly move closer to the fray, she being well back, not having hurried in her shadowing in the least.

Responding to Darius' cries calling the party thieves, after he retrieves the package, Sebastian draws his falchion and rushes to aid the obvious dupe, dropping the package in the process. Now Elisian speeds her pace and rushes forward. Alessandra's guards have secured the coach, but there is no sign of another package.

The fight against the unseen stalker is not going well and Darius attempts to withdraw, with a quip and a thank you to the party, but Alessandra orders her guards to stop him and they manage to tackle him to the ground. The stalker moves to assail him, leading the party to surmise he is the target, and a loose end of the instigator of this nefarious plot. Elisian picks up the package and also attempts to withdraw from the fight, but is confronted by Sebastian, who draws down of the lass. Her attempt to charm person fails and she backs down, handing over the package, impressed with the lad's will.

Alessandra's guards release Darius and surround and cripple the stalker, allowing Alessandra the chance to rush in and finish it off with her dagger, a sweet moment of triumph for her. Talking to Darius reveals he had already delivered the final package to the house of Endrik Acheron, a famed artist, known throughout this hemisphere. He willingly reveals that he was hired by an unknown person to deliver the packages for an exorbitant sum of money and also that he was suspicious of the opportunity so followed his employer back to his residence, which address he conveys to the party. He bids them a fond adieu, earning Elisian's ire when he is caught flirting with Alessandra at the same time as her. He tells them to look him up at the Strong Arm, a local tavern, if ever they need him. Invisible Stalker (CR 7) EL 5 - 535 each

Neither Sebastian nor Alessandra knows where Endrik lives, though both know of him, and Alessandra has actually met him before. It is not difficult however to gain the information and they set out, now in the company of Elisian, who has attached herself to the group, to what ends only she knows.

Arriving at the immodest home of Endrik, they convince the servants of the danger their master is in and are taken to his painting area on the top floor of the tower. There they discover a strange painting, already unwrapped, of a blasted crater in which a horrific hag rides a black stallion leading a pair of chain devils who pull a cart filled to overflowing with the wriggling of giant-sized human-faced maggots.

Reading the note it is a cryptic piece of hate mail which obliquely mentions yet another potential victim. The party scrutinizes the picture before destroying it and spot Endrik's face on one of the larvae. Elisian goes to vandalizes the painting and is promptly sucked in. Sebastian barely hesitates a moment before also touching the painting and entering it. Alessandra agonizes over the decision, finally deciding to leave one of her three remaining guards back to watch over the painting and entering it herself.

Inside is a blasted hellscape yet the distance blurs to a painted finish. The creatures animate and combat is joined. It is a dangerous fight, yet the party emerges victorious and with the death of their final enemy are ejected from the painting. Endrik metamorphoses before their eyes, returning to human form, though covered in slimy excretions. Painting: Chain Devil (x2) (CR6) EL 4 - 400*2 (800) each; Soul Harvester Painted Creation (CR 5) EL 3 - 265 each

He is angry and claims that Imron Gauthfellow is responsible for tonight's activities. When questioned about the other person mentioned in the cryptic note he tells them of his friend and Imron's servant, Tharival. Elisian can tell he is being evasive and eggs Sebastian on to wring the truth from him with force. Sebastian confronts him, physically, twisting his fingers and threatening to break them if he won't reveal the truth. Endrik cracks and says that Tharival was sending him sketches of Imron's paintings so Endrik could copy them and display them first.

The party decide to bring the painting to Alessandra's temple rather then confront a known high level adventuring wizard, and with that the night of the Gallery of Evil draws to a close. Adventure (CL 8) EL 4 (6 for 8th level adventure -1 for failing to deal with Imron; -1 for failing to deal with Imron's lair) - 12,000 each

Act Two: The Maiden's Deflowerer

Session Five 12/04/2015

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards (6) Elisian Elisian's Lovers (5) Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors (10)
Starting Experience 147,415 42,265 36,132 125,965 32,000 107,565 206,315 36,000
Adventure Experience 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Combat Experience 265 265 150 0 0 265 0
Session Experience 2,650 2,000 2,650 2,000 2,650 4,000 2,000
RP Experience 7,500 0 7,750 0 0 12,600 0
Total Session Exp 10,415 2,265 10,550 2,000 2,650 16,865 2,000
Total Experience 157,830 38,397 136,515 34,000 110,215 223,180 38,00
Needed Experience 210,000 60,000 150,000 60,000 150,000 280,000 60,000

The cast of characters

  • Thug ambush - 3 Mobs (9 actual) of TL 1 Minion Lvl 7 Ruffian Commoners (EL 8 - 4 (TL 1 minions) + 1 (Sebastian's condition)) (EL 3 actual) - 265 each
  • Taffa - Lvl 5 Bar Wench Commoner (EL 3 -1) (EL 2 actual) - 150 Elisian
  • Adventures: The Strong Arm; The Sisters of Chaos; Soul's for Smuggler's Shiv

Just Alessandra and Sebastian enter the temple, where they are detained for questioning. Elisian decides not to enter the grounds least she is struck down. The next morning, Alessandra and Sebastian hear tales of the party sent in to investigate the wizard's sanctum. The wizard escaped but the temple & city have recovered several magic items as well as a minor artifact, The Id Painting. As well, they confiscated the rest of the what comes to be called The Gallery of Evil, some 5 dozen or so paintings, including one depicting the fate of Tharival. Death by hellwasps.

They are given the promised reward by the watch and garner much fame over the next week or so for their involvement in the matter of the Gallery of Evil. Elisian spends the time tracking down a set of ogre bones, desecrating a patch of corn field, and raising it as her skeletal minion. Sebastian spends the time doing the rounds in the local taverns, telling his tale, buying drinks, and increasing his fame. Alessandra undergoes a series of visions which she seeks understanding of through consulting various mystics and the purchase of strange, mind-altering drugs.

Elisian is invited to Lord Belfor's estate where he questions her about the night of his friend, Asheron Coyle's, death. He asks if she could possibly get Sebastian to attend a dinner the next evening with her and she agrees to speak to him. The next day, Alessandra has decided to visit Sebastian to discuss that fateful night's events and offer him a reading of her Harrow cards. About the same time, Elisian arrives, her ogre skeleton disguised as a really thin ogre bodyguard. Alessandra has already been invited to Lord Belfor's estates for the dinner via the temple and Sebastian agrees as well.

Alessandra's reading is a powerful one, a direct vision of the god, that shows Sebastian the torturous route through the treacherous reefs surrounding Smuggler's Shiv, the island his parents' expedition wrecked on, and he and Hammish were the only survivors of. Also both he and Alessandra are given to understand that "the Key is the Shackles". A reference he gets as the Shackles refers to a group of islands around Port Doman where the Free Captains of the Shackles operate.

At dinner with Lord Belfor, who is unimpressed with Elisian's beauty, but quite taken with Sebastian, he explains that he has come into possession of the information Lord Coyle had gathered for Sebastian for their meeting on the day of his untimely death. To honor his friend, Belfor has decided to sponsor an expedition and wants Sebastian to lead it. Alessandra volunteers as well, as her vision included her cleansing the island of its undead presence and making the sea lanes a bit safer for sailors. Surprisingly, Elisian volunteers as well, a desire to see new sights, conquer new foes, and increase her own power potentially, a strong draw for her. Work must be done to arrange the expedition however, several months at least.

In the meantime, Sebastian continues his debaucheries that evening. Alessandra decides she wishes to visit him and sends a guard to summon him, but the guard returns with news that he is drunk at a paga tavern. Alessandra surprises her guards by insisting she wishes to go. There they find a drunk Sebastian sitting across from a maniacal man named Dirkum who it seems is in desperate need of gold. Sebastian has bet his boat, The Maiden's Deflowerer, against the deed to a tavern, The Strong Arm. Sebastian wins, much to Dirkum and his dog's dismay. A very drunk Sebastian is escorted home by Alessandra and her guards after getting very, very lost looking for the tavern he just won. A group of thugs who are not impressed with Alessandra's status and very much desire her and her magical gear accost them. Even shaken by the Mouthpiece's threats it seems they will attack, but Sebastian hurls his night's winnings into the air, causing them to break and scabble for the coins and gems. Quickly the party departs.

It is a few days later before the party visits the tavern. It is a solid looking building that appears to have seen better days, much like Presto, the bar's mascot. Inside, it would seem that Sebastian is expected, Dirkum having told Ruby, the head bar maid of the transfer of ownership before clearing out. Ruby tells them a little about the bar, including its namesake a mechanical arm from Lormyr that can arm wrestle. She says that she has sent word out to the other employees for a noon meeting and in the meantime they are welcome to look around.

In Dirkum's rooms they find the books, showing a consistent loss over the past several months. Dirkum has also sold off many of the fixtures and decorations. After going over the books, Sebastian feels that with a few changes and good management he can turn the tavern's fortunes around. The meeting goes off without anyone losing there job, though Taffa gets her face slammed into the bar by Elisian, earning her and Sebastian, the girl's and, by association, her family's hatred. Later, a man arrives, Dedmon, claiming to be the factor of one Baron Le Grosh who claims the owner owes him a princely sum of some 28,000 gp and would like remuneration. When denied, he smiles and leaves, saying that his master is leaving this evening for other ports and will be in touch when he returns to the island.

Later, Sebastian receives a visitor at his house, Lorje. The man is looking to hire Sebastian to recover several items from ports along the Black Coast so that he can deliver himself from a contract sealed by Abadar with the Sisters of Chaos, Havenor Covenant, that he foolishly entered into. Lorje initially offers to pretend to hire Sebastian as his factor so that he can operate under the noses of the Sisters, but Sebastian decides to use his own vessel to complete the mission. Lorje agrees this might be a safer course, but warns that the Sisters are leaving tomorrow for Cadsandria to acquire one of the needed items from their covenant there and that Sebastian must beat them there or somehow acquire the item from them. Sebastian orders Hamish to have the ship made ready and summons the ladies to invite them along to test their ability to work together. They agree, though it is a safe bet to say they both misunderstand the man's plan, thinking this the beginning of the expedition.

The next morning they all arrive at the dock, where the Sea Wing II, Lorje's ship, is already about to put to sea. Sebastian has had his crew scratch out the name of the ship, embarrassed by its name now that his lady friends are coming aboard. Tompom, the bouncer from the tavern arrives, looking distraught and asks Sebastian to come to the tavern immediately. There, Presto whines and sniffs at a box on a table while Ruby looks on horrified. Best can be heard weeping in the back. Inside the box is Dirkum's head with the words, PAY ME, cut into the forehead. Sebastian assures everyone that everything will be ok, as he has it well in hand. But later, after he returns from his trip in, say, a month, and oh, can Ruby take this 4,000gp and buy new fixtures and decorations for the bar and take over management in the meantime?

The party sets sail for Cadsandria in Argimiliar, some 300 miles east by northeast.

Session Six 12/11/2015

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards (6) Elisian Elisian's Lovers (5) Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors (10)
Starting Experience 157,830 38,397 136,515 34,000 110,215 223,180 38,000
Adventure Experience 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Combat Experience 3,750 2,150 3,750 0 2,150 3,750 2,150
Session Experience 4,000 2,000 2,650 2,000 2,650 5,350 2,000
RP Experience 6,900 0 7,250 0 0 14,350 0
Total Session Exp 14,650 4,150 13,650 2,000 4,800 23,450 4,150
Total Experience 172,480 42,547 150,165 36,000 115,015 246,630 42,150
Needed Experience 210,000 60,000 150,000 60,000 150,000 280,000 60,000

The cast of characters

  • Sahuagin Attack: (5) Sahuagin TL1 minions CR 2 * 5 (EEL 2 (600 *5); Sahuagin Brutes (CR 6) EEL 4; All 1000
  • Merchant Encounter: (20) Sailor TL1 minions (EEL 2); (2) Mates (EEL 3); Captain (EEL 5); Bodyguard (EEL 5); Nobleman (EEL 4); All 1150
  • Casing the Joint (sic): (6*) "Sisters" (EEL 2); Anoira (EEL 5) PC's 600
  • The Theft (Simple Lock, Complex Lock, Easy Stealth Task (10)) PC's 600
  • Hey, look! Floating Rocks! (CR6) EEL 4 - PC's 400

The ship must use her oars as they leave the docks and the harbor, but as they swing NE the sailors unfurl the ship's sails. That day and the next go smoothly, though the winds are not favorable and the ship makes poor headway. Elisian takes to walking about naked or in revealing garb, causing quite a commotion (nigh riot) amoungst the crew. The second night the ship is attacked from below by a raiding party of sahuagin. Several crew are lost or taken overboard as fodder but in the end, Sebastian kills the leaders and drives them off.

The next day a merchant vessel from Cheliax is spotted headed towards Havenor. Elisian attracts their attention and they close with the ship, but it would seem they wish to merely parley to everyone's relief. A noble from House Arvanxi offers to take Elisian with him but she declines. He brings forth a gift for her, a delicate shadow rose. She accepts, little knowing he can use it to track her now. They are invited to a sumptuous dinner prepared by the nobleman's gourmand halfing chef, but Sebastian makes excuses and they refuse. Both ships head on their way.

Several days later as they near their destination it is discovered that they have suffered a considerable amount of spoilage of their potable water and food, losing some 40%, but they are so close now to Cadsandria it little matters.

Late the next day they arrive in the boisterous city, a colorful riot of lanterns, cloth streamers and paper banners strung across the wide boulevards. All manner of dress, and scandalous undress can be seen. Cadsandria seems to be a city that expresses the best parts of Argimiliar's views on freedom of speech and thought.

Sebastian put Hamish on the task of purchasing local ales, wines, spices and other delicacies for the tavern while he and the rest of the party seek out the Sisters of Cadsandria. They are in luck, for one of their number is plying her trade on the docks and directs them to the chapter house on the Boulevard of Blossoms.

The house sits well hidden in plain sight amoungst other bordellos and brothels offering a host of services and delights. Anoira, the leader of the group here in Cadsandria, is a middle-aged woman with grey streaks in her chestnut hair; a muscular, athletic build; and a handsome, rather than pretty, face. Alessandra and Elisian notice immediately that Anoira and the other "sisters" are really men, but Sebastion seems oblivious. He offers to purchase the dust outright, but Anoira seems suspicious that he even knows of it. She says she cannot sell it as it is needed by their leader to break a curse placed on her by the sisterhood's enemies and one of the Havenor sisters is arriving soon to take possession of it. In the meantime, seeing Sebastian's cluelessness, Alessandra arranges a threesome with him and one of the "sisters". When he discovers the deception, Sebastian manages to come off nonplussed and claims he likes to watch.

As the evening progresses, Sebastian attempts to case the joint (sic), and notices that Anoira and the sisters place cash earned into a steel lockbox in Anoira's room that is bolted to the floor. Anoira is said to carry the key around her neck. Plans are made to break in and steal the dust from the lockbox via stealth.

Later, Sebastian leaves the girls and ogre in a nearby carriage with instructions to come in guns blazing should he not return soon. He manages to steal into the chapter house, Anoira's room, and the lockbox with little difficulty. Inside the lockbox are two jeweled cases, of which he assumes one has the dust, and many coins. Not being a thief he decides to just take the cases and leave the coins, even planning to return the other case once clear. He relocks the strongbox, hoping the theft won't be noticed. It is only later that he thinks to have left a pouch of bone dust in place of the required Sorcerer's Dust, since one looks much the same as the other.

Quickly they return to the ship where orders are given to make ready to leave. On the way, Elisian takes the time to cast murderous command on one of a pair of drunks for her own amusement. He turns and smashes his bottle over the head of the other and they fight, but neither is killed or seriously injured. Eight hours later all the crew is back aboard and the potables Hamish was sent to buy (and far overpaid for) stowed. As they leave, the Sea Wing II arrives, Irna on the foredeck.

They continue to their next stop, Korvosa, in Lormyr some 80 miles away, to acquire the musk of a male sweet skunk. Along the way they pass close to a merchant vessel hailing from Amalanth, but neither ship seems interested in approaching the other. Not wanting to sail into the harbor in the dark, the ship finds an anchorage along the coast in a sheltered cove. The cook has broken into the spices meant for The Strong Arm and created a veritable feast. Music, dance, good food and drink are had before finishing tomorrow's final leg into Korvosa. One of the crew notices an oddity floating in the water: a rock! Looking around to point it out to someone he instead decides to get a pole and poke at it, flummoxed that a rock can float!

Everyone turns to look as he screams when the "rock" flows up the pole and onto his face, burning the flesh from his bones with its acidic secretions: a gray ooze (though none but Elisian realize what it actually is). Another is seen climbing the anchor chain and boarding the ship as well. Sebastian attempts to carve the ooze off the face of his crewman and splatters much of it, its acid not quite strong enough to burn through his sword with just brief contact. Elisian braves the danger of actually touching the creature and delivers negative energy via inflict light wounds but manages to avoid the secretions. The second, very slow ooze, is also brought low before it can do much more harm than scorching the wood of the decks. Alessandra heals what she can of the crewman's painful acid burns and the party plans for tomorrow's arrival in Korvosa and recovering the sweet skunk from the menagerie of Count Terennium.

Session Seven 12/27/2015

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards (6) Elisian Elisian's Lovers (5) Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors (10)
Starting Experience 172,480 42,547 150,165 36,000 115,015 246,630 42,150
Adventure Experience 1,800 0 1,800 0 0 1,800 0
Combat Experience 1,970 1,950 1,970 0 0 1,970 0
Session Experience 4,000 2,000 4,000 2,000 2,650 5,350 2,000
RP Experience 15,000 0 17,700 0 0 12,600 0
Total Session Exp 22,770 3,950 25,470 2,000 2,650 21,720 2,000
Total Experience 195,250 46,497 175,635 38,000 117,665 268,350 44,150
Needed Experience 210,000 60,000 210,000 60,000 150,000 280,000 60,000

The cast of characters

Wrestling Match 20exp
Dock Fight - Irna (CR8; 600), Aard(CR10; 800), Anoira (CR7; 400), Sisters of Cadsandria(CR3; 150) = 1,950
Mission Success (award = combat for getting skunk w/o a fight); Count Terennium (CR12; 1600), Guards (CR1; 200) = 1,800

The rest of the night the crew is on edge, watching for more floating rocks but it is an uneventful night. In the morning the ship sets out for Korvosa, arriving a bit before noon and finally docking early in the afternoon after haggling for dock space and suffering a cargo inspection. Sebastian is frustrated with the bureaucratic red tape but manages to handle his business smartly. His hope to start gathering information is put on the back burner when Elisian decides she is tired of the cramped and smelly quarters aboard the ship and will take rooms at an expensive inn for visiting dignitaries and aristocrats, The Felt Swan. Alessandra heads off to check in with the local temple of Gozreh and tells them she will meet them there later.

The Felt Swan turns out to be a swanky and snobbish place. Elisian adores it at once and pays for new clothes, a shave and bath for Sebastian so he can fit in better. Meanwhile, Alessandra spends the afternoon and early evening hard at work in the temple, having offered her services to the overworked staff. By the time she arrives at the inn, Sebastian and Elisian are relaxing, finely dressed, freshly bathed and indulging in rich foods. Sebastian has already been out and about, investigating their mark, Count Terennium. Explaining their quest one more time to the two ladies (that of freeing Lorje from his Abadar enforced contract with the Sisters of Chaos of Havenor) they decide that they will head out to to the Count's estates on the morrow and attempt to speak with the man before trying to break into the zoo. Sebastian will disguise himself as a simple servant of Elisian to case the place should they need to go ahead with a heist, leaving her to do the talking; a task she feels overly confident of.

Arriving at the estate the next morning with two carriages of guards, servants and the party they manage to impress the servants enough to gain entrance. All but one of the guards are asked to remain with the carriages and Elisian, her parasol girl, Alessandra, her guard, and Sebastian disguised as a servant are escorted through the house to the solarium where Count Terennium is breaking his fast.

Session Eight 12/30/2015

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards (6) Elisian Elisian's Lovers (5) Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors (10)
Starting Experience 195,250 46,497 175,635 38,000 117,665 268,350 44,150
Adventure Experience 2,665 800 2,665 0 800 2,665 800
Combat Experience 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Session Experience 4,000 2,000 4,000 2,000 2,650 5,350 2,000
RP Experience 3,900 0 7,200 0 0 15,400 0
Total Session Exp 10,565 2,800 13,865 2,000 3,450 23,415 2,800
Total Experience 205,815 49,297 189,500 40,000 121,115 291,765 46,950
Needed Experience 210,000 60,000 210,000 60,000 150,000 280,000 60,000

The cast of characters

Merchant encounter 400exp
Fishing vessel encounter 400exp
Uhaio arrival & herb procurement - Reek (265exp); Correct Herbs (400exp); Accusation (600exp); Peaceful (600exp)

The party befriends the Count, a lonely old soldier whose glory days are behind him. He gives them the mated pair of skunks on loan. Later, Irna and her demon servant Aard stage an ambush on the docks, having deduced the party's plan and probable route. It is a bloody affair, but they party emerges victorious.

The arrive in Uhaio where they learn something of the bureaucratic nature of Vilmir. Sebestian has to wait to have his cargo and ship inspected, then wait to get a visitor's pass, time he begrudges. Finally he makes his way to the merchant who is holding the last ingredient. Along the way he is accosted by a youth, who distracts him long enough that his compatriot can pick his pocket of the pass he waited so long to get. Sebastian notices immediately and gives chase but they rapidly lose him in the twisting streets. Frustrated he heads to the merchant, who tries to rip him off, both in price and in trying to foist a fake root on him. Sebastian finally gets what he came for, but the merchant begins shouting, "thief, thief!" , encouraging him to hurry back to the ship rather than deal with the guard minus his visitor pass. He is only too happy to cast off and begin the final leg of the journey.

A few days later, the pirate ship that has been shadowing them since they began their journey finally closes to the attack. It is a motley crew of misfits and a barely seaworthy ship, but the pirates have murder in their eyes as they swing aboard.

Session Nine 00/00/00

Characters Alessandra Alessandra's Guards (6) Elisian Elisian's Lovers (5) Hamish Sebastian Sebastian's Sailors (10)
Starting Experience 205,815 49,297 189,500 40,000 121,115 291,765 46,950
Adventure Experience 0
Combat Experience 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Session Experience 5,350 2,000 4,000 2,000 2,650 8,000 2,000
RP Experience 0 0 0 0
Total Session Exp
Total Experience
Needed Experience 210,000 60,000 210,000 60,000 150,000 360,000 60,000

The cast of characters

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