"The Overgod comes!"


Ex-patriated citizen of Massenmarch; lost his eye in a battle with a red dragon; turned to the worship of Belnik (Hextor) as it suited his taste for battle and blood better then the Light; led a mercenary company of heretical Vos cultists of Belnik; attempted to overthrow the local temple of Belnik with the heresy of The Ebon Triad but was driven out of Vosgaard. Agents of the Faceless One brought him to Kanday and Diamond Lake in an attempt to raise the Ebon Aspect as part of the fulfillment of prophecy heralding the coming of the Overgod.

Stat Block

Theldrick (Medium Folk Walker 105 XP): Str: 15, Dex: 12, Con: 16, Int: 13, Wis: 16, Cha: 14; SZ M (1x1, Reach 1); Spd 6 ground; Init III; Atk IV; Def III; Res IX; Health VI; Comp IV; Skills: Acrobatics-V Athletics-V Diplomacy-V Intimidate-V Resolve-VI; Qualities: Feat (Armor Basics), Feat (Armor Master), Feat (Lightning Reflexes), Feat (Quick Draw), Tricky (Armored Assurance), Tricky (Turn the Tables), Tricky (Overpowering Strike), Tricky (Retribution), Devoted III (War), Veteran I

Attacks/Weapons: Flail (1d8+6/20+ AP-2); Light Xbow I (1d6+1/19+ AP-2);

Gear: Massive superior flail; superior lt xbow; dagger; pouch with 8s; holy symbol; red dragon talon necklace; key to area 10, keys to chests in 9&10; Lvl 1 Lesser Charm of Defense (Ring) +1 (8 rep); Level 3 Greater Essence (Armor Basics) moderate blessed fitted articulated plate w/heavy fittings (DR 7 Blunt 2; DP-1 ACP-1 SPD-1); metal shield

Treasure: none

Notes & Tactics: One eyed, dragon scratched face, Bretchur lordling converted to Belnik (Hextor).

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