The great city of Thera was built almost 4000 years ago on the ruins of sunken Atlantis with the help of The Six. Thera's hubris brought about The Second Scourge. Her arcane and divine might are second to none in the world, but her decadence and dependence on the import of slaves and raw material keep her from retaking the empire she once had that spanned the globe and beyond.




The typical Theran is sure of his and his society’s superiority in the world.

Physical Description


The Therans are mistrusted by most because of the extensive slave-taking they engage in. However, few can resist the incredible items and treasures they bring from far lands.


Most Therans are lawfully inclined with neutrality being very common.


The great city of Thera sprawls over the Lantlean Isles. To support itself, a constant influx of slaves, food, and raw materials is required. Thera has embassies, trade outposts, and far-flung colonies across the entire face of Arcallis and beyond.


The state-religion of Thera is the Old Gods.


Therans speak Theran, a language derived from Lantlean, an ancient tongue, now dead. The ancient Lantlean language used hieroglyphics, which the Therans have adapted into a modified kanji-like script, known as Lantese.


Male: Ras Sadir, Naal



Racial Qualities

  • [0] Attributes: Therans are humans, which D&D assumes to be the base creature from which to measure all others. As such, ability score modifiers are not appropriate. However, the archetypal Theran, compared to humans of other cultures would be: +1 INT, -1 CON. They are keenly intelligent, but soft and decadent.
  • [0] Size: Humans are medium sized creatures.
  • Humans have a base 30’ speed, and x4 run.
  • [0] Senses: Humans do not have any special vision.
  • [0] Required Advantages:
  • Suggested Advantages:
  • [0] Required Disadvantages:
  • Suggested Disadvantages:

Cultural Qualities

  • Humans receive a bonus feat at 1st level.
  • Humans earn an extra skill point at each level.
  • Theran language.
  • The Therans are civilized; Regressive, Stagnant, and Decadent.

Bonus Languages

  • The Therans have a cosmopolitan society and are exposed to languages from around the world and beyond. Some common ones they might learn from this hemisphere would be: Anuirean, Eastern Lantlean, Lantlean, Midani, Abyssal, Infernal, Janniti, Hss-tathi, and Ivanian.

Favored Class

  • Humans excel in all classes, and may treat their highest class level as favored.



Worship of the Old Gods goes back to the time of Atlantis, the first Empire of Man. These gods are the state-religion in Thera, and are still worshiped in some places with Lantlean influence. Many Old Gods continue to be worshiped in different pantheons under new names, especially the Enlightened Gods.

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