All years before the Third Age are approximate, decreasing in accuracy the further in the past.

The Age of Creation

  • The Void
  • Chaos
  • Creation and the Primordials
  • The Gods

The Lost Age

  • The War against the Primordials (The Dawn War)

The First Age of Man

Note: Years during this time are at least x1.5 longer then during the Third Age. Also, it being a mythic age, time is not immutable and bends to the will of the gods and their champions as the tapestry of Fate demands

  • (Year 1 First Age) - The End of the Dawn War and granting of the Terrestrial Realm to Man
  • The Golden Age of the Shogunate
  • (Year 493 First Age) - The Ursurpation

The Great Contagion

Note: A Lost Time between Ages. The mechanisims of Creation are known to have broken down during this time making tracking time accurately during this period difficult

  • Disease, famine, and conflict consume Creation with the Terrestrial Chosen overthrown and the attention of the Celestial Realms turned elsewhere
  • The Faerie Host invades Creation

The Second Age of Man

Note: years during this period are at least 1.5x longer then during the Third Age. Being an epic age, time is not immutable and at least one record of this time talks of a "lost time" during which no one remembers specifics but recollects that they did great deeds

  • (Year 1 Second Age) - The Scarlet Empress, a simple soldier, activates the great defenses of the First Age from the central palace and defeats the Faerie Host invading Creation
  • The Rise of The Realm
  • (Year 763 Second Age) - The Scarlet Empress vanishes
  • The Fall of The Realm
  • The War in Heaven

The Bending of the World


  • The First Scourge - Even as the plan to sunder reality is set in motion, The Realm falls to the forces arrayed against it, and a Scourge of evil washes over Creation. Man is driven into the earth for sanctuary against the ravages of the Empire's enemies. Civilization is swept away. Pockets of people survive as best they can.

The Third Age of Man

Creation is no longer whole, it has been broken into different layers and levels, and the world bent to fit it. The Chosen Six struggle to drive back the Horrors that caused the end of the Second Age and end the Scourge by once again sealing the boundaries and wards. They return Man from the warrens of the earth to the sun-lit upper-world. The best and the brightest are taught the ways of magic, politics, history, and knowledge and become Loremasters. These Loremasters are sent out into the world to teach and return Man to the surface world. Six great schools are founded, one each by the Six, and the Loremasters go forth and return Man to civilization.

Note: all years in the Third Age are listed FA (Founding of Aquataine)

  • ~-10,000 FA - The world is changed and different. It is a world ruled by aberrent creatures who give perverse worship to dark gods and enslave all of humanity they can
  • ~-7,000 FA - The tribes of man have prevailed over the Snake Gods and their minions, claiming this new reality for themselves and their children. A new Empire of Man, Atlantis, is founded.
  • ~-5,800 FA - Atlantis conquers all of the known world, using superior magicks and technology, much of it the remenants of prior ages
  • ~-5,200 FA - At the height of her power and arrogance, Atlantis breaches the Seals of the Bounds and opens this reality to the incusions of the Horrors
  • ~-4,400 FA - The rise of Bael Turath, demon corrupted Atlanteans
  • ~-3,800 FA - The Arkosians and Bael Turathians battle for supremency, with the Arkosians claiming a pyrric victory as they are left crippled
  • ~-3000 FA - Even with Bael turath defeated the damage to reality has been done and a new Scourge comes, sweeping away civilization
  • ~-2400 FA new Empire arises, the Landis Dynasty. The great city of Thera is founded on the sunken ruins of Atlantis. The Loremasters and the Six exert their influence and power to make her the shining hope and bastion of knowledge in the world.
  • ~-1800 FA - Bone Crown instigates a little known episode which destroys the Landis Dynasty and brings about another Scourge. But it is short lived and the Six easily repel it and rebuild Landis
  • -1431 FA - The Nezumi (Rat Men) arrive from beyond the Veil in the area of Rokugan, and make it their home
  • -953 FA - The Second Scourge (Third for those in the know). The Landis dynasty is (once again) rife with civil war brought on by the machinations of the Horrors. They begin a campaign against the Six, recognizing their true enemies, raising popular support against them. The Six and the Loremasters are betrayed by petty kings, corrupted Loremasters, and the very poeple. The reward for this betrayal is another Scourge, as the Horrors once again attack creation. In the Crowded Sea, The city of Rog'osto rises to the surface and is abandoned by its underwater inhabitiants
  • -925 FA - The Theran Dynasty Founded. Though Landis has fallen, the city of Thera becomes a mighty force. Protecting itself using magicks crafted over the centuries it defends itself and survives. As the might of the Horrors is lessened, Thera expands its reach in all directions
  • -803 FA The End of the Second Scourge. The Six are able to quickly drive the Horrors back once again, but the Six have become distrustful of the Loremasters after the corruption of many of them by dark forces, both prior to and after the Scourge. They close the six great schools of learning. The Loremasters are left bereft of leadership. Most settle down and attempt to re-build civilization, while some found new schools of magic and learning. Eight of the most powerful Loremasters of the time decide to band together and form the Eight.
  • -771 FA - The city of Sokkar founded
  • -619 FA - The reach of Thera extends far into the north, impinging on the frosty coast of the Ivanians. Anuire is under their sway, but rebellion and resentment of the decadent and powerful city-state runs rife in the land. Anuire is able to throw off the yoke of oppression of its Theran masters.
  • -599 FA - The city of Moradask founded
  • -556 FA - Free of Theran influence the Anuireans fell to bickering amoungst themselves and from these wars has arisen the Seven Kingdoms.
  • -504 FA - The people of Moradask start worshipping their living idols
  • -497 FA - The Peacock Throne is created for King Nawal abu Yashid of Moradask.
  • -487 FA - The Empire of Kadar founded, Rog'osto colonized.
  • -421 FA - Signs of another coming Scourge are everywhere. A rising tide of darkness and evil is overtaking the land. Alec of Ambercand is born. Mithröde begins to watch over the child. He plans on using the boy-king to drive back the growing darkness of the coming Scourge
  • -405 FA - Mithröde tells young Alec of his destiny, and sends him on his first quest to prove himself. Alec succeeds in the fullfillment of prophesy by entering the Heart of Fire, mastering Love's Bane, and returning from the Ashes; and he is heralded the Phoenix King
  • The Wars of Unification - Alec fights many great wars and battles to unite the Seven Kingdoms under one banner to stand as one against the coming Darkness, and to drive out the Horrors of the Dreadlands
  • -400 FA - The Breaking of the World. Alec of Ambercand, the Phoenix King, is killed in the final battle against the Host of Darkness in the Dreadlands. Mithröde is driven mad with grief and calls the sky down to smote the field of battle. Both armies are annilihated. Mithröde's madness, and presumed death, triggers a cataclysmic shift in the planet's orbit. The remaining Six put forth their power to protect the planet's ecosphere and save those they can as do the Eight. Horrors begin pouring through the sundered Veil, begining The Scourge anew. Survivors retreat into the ancient caerns of their forefathers
  • In the East, a star falls to earth. Within are the nine Kami that will form the great houses of C'hin and their greatest enemy, Fu Leng
  • The Third (Fourth) Scourge - After the Breaking of the World, Man is once again forced to retreat into the depths of the earth to survive. Thera is forced to abandon her grasp and designs on many of her current and former tributory states, especially the north and the east, both Anuire and Zakhara primarily. The Elven Court at Shosura refuses to heed Thera's warnings and use their protections to ward against the Horrors. To survive, the elves of Shosura pay a terrible price and become the Blood Elves. Thera attempts to use its knowledge as a bargaining tool to force other nations under its banner, but the Eight aquire the knowledge and disemminate it freely, earning Thera's hatred. In the interior of Zakhara, the waters of the Jacinth Sea begin to dry up and become the deserts of present day Zakhara. The city of Moradask begins to fall into decline
  • -340 FA - The city of Al-Anwahr founded by emigrants from Sokkar
  • -330 FA - The mystic group, The Fire Most Pure, is founded in Al-Anwahr
  • -298 FA - Azaltin ibn Issad ascends the throne of Al-Anwahr
  • -255 FA - Azaltin ibn Issad tricks the Loregiver into revealing the secrets of Immortality and becomes a lich. His brother Amakim leads a revolt and the resulting civil war devastates Al-Anwahr. Amakim leads his followers west to the shore of the Great Sea and founds the city of In'aash. The surviving members of the Fire Most Pure retreat into the heart of the Great Anvil and found a fortress
  • -234 FA - Princess Zoraya of Nog conquers much of Kadar's inland territories and builds the city of Ysawis near the southern border of her expansion
  • -223 FA - Princess Zoraya uses the Talisman of Shajar to resurrect her beloved, Kasim. She is transformed into a giant crocodile by Shajar's curse. The Talisman is said to be hidden in her tomb in Ysawis, but even the priests of Shajar cannot find it after conquering the city
  • -138 FA - Hiyal, City of Intrigue, is founded at the rim of the Suq Bay. Trajar, City of Trade, is founded on the shore of the Golden Gulf
  • -77 FA - Sikak, City of coins founded on the shore of the Golden Gulf
  • -42 FA - Qudra, City of Power, founded on the shore of the Great Sea
  • -15 FA - I'tiraf, City of Confessions, is founded on the shore of the Golden Gulf
  • -6 FA - Huzuz, City of Delights, is founded on the shore between Suq Bay and the Golden Gulf. The ruined house of the Loregiver stands near this spot
  • 1 FA - Aquataine declares the Scourge ended and its empire begun
  • 30 FA - Jumlat, City of Multitudes, is founded on the eastern side of the Al-Yabki Mountains, near the Golden Gulf.
  • 48 FA - Ahmad al-Assad, a young man of the House of Assad, finds the scrolls containing the Law of the Loregiver. He seeks to unify Zakhara by introducing these common laws, but is banished by his arrogant father, sheikh of the House of Assad. He finds shelter with the House of Hannif, who accept his teachings. Ahmad preaches the Law to the furthest reaches of Zakhara, although most cities do not officialy recognize the Law. This marks the start of modern Zakhara
  • 50 FA - the first king of Aquataine, Caledon Elendsa I, The Lion King, dies on campaign. Succession wars slow Aquataine's growth
  • 72 FA - Jamila the Virtuous, Amad's wife founds the village of Madinat al-Mumin on the Steaming Isle to preserve the Law of the Loregiver so it should not be forgotten.
  • 81 FA - Hilm, City of Kindness, founded on the shore of the Golden Gulf.
  • 93 FA - A young man, Jafar al-Samal, takes four genie wives and becomes the first Sha'ir. Later he constructs the Seal of Jafar al-Samal to protect himself from the jealous genie lords.
  • 100 FA - An infestation and invasion of Invae (insect spirits) is discovered throughout the lands
  • 104 FA - Ahmad al-Assad, the Lion of Faith and the First Caliph dies. His son Nasir al-Nasr uses diplomacy and military might to conquer the Pearl and Pantheon Cities. Qudra converts.
  • 108 FA - The rulers of Nog and Kadar are toppled by the farisan of the Enlightened gods; the group known as the Lions of Yesterday are instrumental in the defeat of the Council of Nine. Worship of savage gods, such as Shajar, Ragarra, and Kiga starts to rise in Nog and Kadar.
  • 112 FA - Fahhas, City of Searching is founded at the mouth of Al-Naqus river.
  • 133 FA - Grand Caliph Nasir dies. His son Umar continues the unification of Zakhara by conquest, making him very unpopular.
  • 140 FA - Grand Caliph Umar is killed in the siege of Hiyal. His son Ali assumes power and ends the war. Hiyal is Enlightened through diplomancy.
  • 141 FA - Grand Caliph Ali starts building a palace in Huzuz.
  • 142 FA - Aswal al-Mutiq, Caliph of In'aash, accepts the Law of the Loregiver. He steps down and becomes a missionary. His son and successor renames the city Muluk, City of Kings.
  • 143 FA - The Fire Most Pure are taken over by a mysterious figure known as the Bonfire. They are reorganized into the malicious and self-serving Brotherhood of the True Flame.
  • 148 FA - The Sea's Children, a secret society of sea wizards is founded.
  • 152 FA - The Everlasting, a holy slayer society of Hajama, is established.
  • 153 FA - Afyal, City of the Elephant, is founded on the Isle of the Elephant by a member of the House of Alon, a branch of the Grand Caliph's family.
  • 158 FA - Gana, City of Riches, is founded in the western side of the Al-Yabki Mountains.
  • 168 FA - Grand Caliph Ali dies. All of Zakhara now follows the Law of the Loregiver. Ali is succeeded by his son Hasan.
  • 190 FA - The deadly Yellow Plague sweeps Anuire
  • 206 FA - Grand Caliph Hasan dies. Trade routes to far lands have been established.
  • 207 FA - Grand Caliph Wasil makes the Proclamation of Equality, granting equal rights to all sentient races of Zakhara. Following this, a group of human sorcerers seeking to subjagate other races and rule Zakhara forma a secret society known as the Red Eyes.
  • 216 FA - Grand Caliph Wasil is assassinated by an agent of the Red Eyes. Old rivalries flare anew, and great strife tears at the land.
  • 217 FA - Grand Caliph Abbas, Wasil's nephew, rises to the throne and begins the establishment of a firm bureaucracy.
  • 238 FA - Mahabba, City of Charity, founded on the shores of the Crowded Sea.
  • 240 FA - The largest to-date Reality Storm sweeps over the Barrier Peaks from the Wastelands and runs westward all the way to the sea, wreaking havoc and change throughout the lands
  • 241 FA - The city of Takabbar rejects the Law of the Loregiver and the Enlightened Gods. It is placed on Jazirat al-Gawwar and isolated from the gods.
  • 244 FA - Caliph Abbas is killed by a rogue efreeti. His son Othman ascends the throne, but his reign is plagued by genie battles and natural disasters.
  • 275 FA - Grand Caliph Othman dies. His son Umaya takes over, but his reign is likewise punctuated by frequent disasters.
  • 284 FA - Hudid, City of Humility, is founded on the shores of the Crowded Sea.
  • 300 FA - The Octagon stops acting in concert, concerned some of its members have been corrupted
  • 305 FA - After the death of Grand Caliph Umaya, his son Harun becomes ruler. He diplomatically resolves the conflict between the genies, thus earning their friendship. The genies extend his lifespan, and he earns the name Al-Qadim, the Ancient.
  • 310 FA - The Restless Fire, a holy slayer society dedicated to Najm, is astablished.
  • 311 FA - The Constellation, a secret society of astrologers, is established by a mysterious figure known as the Matriach.
  • 321 FA - Doth, a dwarven priest of Kor, founds the Dancing Dwarves, a mystic sect.
  • 335 FA - The All-Knowing Eye is created by a hakima called Yasmin Sira
  • 344 FA - Liham, City of Soldiers, is founded on the shore of the Great Sea.
  • 362 FA - Hafayah, City of Secrets, is founded on the far northern river Al-Kufr.
  • 370 FA - Aquataine reaches its peak of military and social might and decends into decadence
  • 389 FA - Last known use of the Coin of Jisan the Bountiful, when Al-Wajib, a slave in Qudra, revolts against the corrupt emir of the city. Al-Wajib creates the Dutiful, the first mamluk organization, to serve the Grand Caliph. After his death, the coin vanishes.
  • 417 FA - The mystic sects of the Desert Mosque and the dome Dancers are founded by priests of Haku from the house of Nasr.
  • 427 FA - Grand Caliph Mansur the Kind ascends the throne. He constructs many public buildings and housing for the poor.
  • 429 FA - Wasat, the Middle City, is founded between Huzuz and Hiyal
  • 430 FA - The Seven Kingdoms have stabilized and an era of peace and prosperity settles over the land as trade flourishes
  • 480 FA - The capital of Baruk-Azik, Thuria, suffers a catastrophic earthquake
  • 530 FA - Havenor, in the Inner Sea, rises from its decadence with the ascension of the hero Elka-Alabeth, the greatest warrior-mage of the Age
  • 577 FA - The Kingdom of Caldor is invaded by orcs from the wastelands
  • 610 FA - The vile Red Plague decimates Anuire
  • 615 FA - The Kingdom of Melderyn suffers from the depradations of the Sea Serpent
  • 618 FA - The Kingdom of Kanday sees the ascension of a weak ruler, leading to the strengthening of her Barons
  • 621 FA - The Kingdom of Furyundy is rocked by the revealation that cultists have infiltrated the government at all levels
  • 622 FA - Baron Ordieth and Count Tourmalane, both of Valon, enter into a blood feud that splits the country
  • 630 FA - Ivanian raiders provoke reprisals from Furyundy leading to skirmishes and small scale warfare in the north
  • 631 FA - Baron Ordieth and his faction win out in Valon, stripping Count Tourmalane of his rank and discrediting many of his faction's nobles. The Reagent, the central authority of Valon, suffers a weakening of his position and power as a result
  • 635 FA - Aquatainian shipping suffers from heavy pirate attacks
  • Spring 637 FA - The border between Aquataine and Furyundy erupts into small scale raiding and clashes
  • Summer 637 FA - Caldor is raided by orcs from the wastelands, but an adventurous group of young squires ends the threat
  • Fall 637 FA - The Ghost Tower begins The Once and Reborn King
  • 08/03/638 - the blowing of the Horn of Ancient Valor and the Proving of the Warlord herald the coming end of the Third Age
  • 640 FA - The Hell Maw awakens in the Blight and claims its new master
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