Tobias Dewfoot

"Short lives matter!"


The earliest memory that Tobias can remember is holding his mother’s hand as they made their way into the forests of Westmarch when an arrow went whirling through the air above their hands. The whirling was followed by a crackle and flash of lightning, and the squeal of a boar. The memory was faint and surrounded by a fog, but his mother, Tara, had told it back to him enough times that he knew the rest of the story. It was the story of how he ended up in the only home he had ever really known, Rentrea.

Rentrea was a rather eclectic enclave. Tóbias and his mother were the only Halflings. There was the Larar family who were of Gnomish ancestry. Tobias grew up quite close to Flinsme Larar, their daughter who was around his age. The Majority of the enclave is composed of Wood Elves, and although Tóbias looked up to few of them, he never quite fit in with them either. Besides that there were Smuv and Knuv the Satyr brothers who were always the life of the party, and who were always trying to impress Petiare. Petiare is the Nymph that leads Rentrae. She is kind, yet as harsh as the bite of the winter wind when need be.

It was on Petiare’s request that Tóbias left for his recent Journey. In recent months there have been raids coming down from the Five Peaks, causing a rather arduous predicament for Rentrea. There had even been a sighting of a troup numbering nearly a dozen trolls. After rather tense negotiations with a goblin tribe, Petiare managed to strike a deal for peace. Tóbias was asked to deliver the bones of this Goblin Shaman as well as this small bag and what looks like a flute, or maybe even a wand, to the town of Soccanth and in order to lay their spirit to rest. Petiare trusted Tobias, and also knew that by sending him she could keep her stronger men nearby unless the treaty wasn’t honored.

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