Bright and cheerful.

Stat Block

Tori (Adaptable, Aristocrat) (Medium Folk Walker 76 XP): Str: 10, Dex: 12, Con: 12, Int: 13, Wis: 13, Cha: 18; SZ M (1x1, Reach 1); Spd 6 ground; Init III; Atk III; Def III; Res IV; Health IV; Comp VI; Skills: Bluff-VI Impress-VII Intimidate-VI; Qualities: Attractive I, Beguiling, Bright I, Clumsy, Inquisitive Mind, Mix-Up (Taunt), Tough II

Attacks/Weapons: Longsword (1d12+1/20+); Dagger (1d6/19+ bleed); Light Crossbow w/standard bolts (1d6/19+ AP-4);

Gear: Partial Elven Superior Blessed Discreet Fitted Chainmail (DR 3, Edged 3, Divine 4); Lt Xbow (Load 5); Superior Longsword; Dagger

Treasure: none

Notes & Tactics: Real name: Victoria Vertigan; all skill Threats +1; all Errors +2; Languages: Anuirean, Elven, Druidic; Studies: Streetwise, Nobility, History, Arcana, Keepers of the Gate, Horrors;

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