Touch Of Madness

Adventure One: Tears of Ioun

Act I: Touch of Madness

Chapter One: Worse than Death

Session One 04/28/09

EXP Awards Goram Ruin Viggo
Starting EXP 390,000 283,131 335,298
Session Total 1700 1350 1600
Total 391,700 284,481 336,898

Cast of Characters
GM Notes
Players absent: Simeon.

Jan 1 639 FA
Viggo and Ruin have made their way to Tor, afoot and by ship both, with the promise to send worthies they meet to Alexis in Ista. With them are Ashia, Blossom, Dierre, J'na, and Osa. After their arrival in Tor, settling into the finest inn, for which Viggo pays a ten-day in advance, they bathe and feast. Viggo makes sure everyone is comfortable in his suite (everyone but Ruin and J'na), then beds them all but Dierre, who, while seemingly willing, is shy.

Jan 2
They decide that they just don't have enough women and head to the slave auctions, late in the afternoon.
At first, it does not look promising. Most of the slaves are captured barbarians or prisoners of war. Just when they are about to head back to the inn for a sumptuous feast, they hear a comotion nearby. Investigating, they see a large orc female attempting to escape. She is subdued, but not before doing considerable damage.

Session Two 05/07/09

EXP Awards Goram Ruin Viggo
Session Total 3080 2330 2880
Total 394,780 286,811 339,778

Cast of Characters
GM Notes
Simeon, who has always played the least experienced member of the party for years now, finally has the opportunity to switch roles. Goram, the shifter shaman, of the Harrowwood joins Ruin and Viggo on their adventures!

Goram's pre-adventure
A powerful and wise shaman, Goram has detected an unusual increase in the activity of the Forlorn Tower, a ruin, in the Kadagast Mts near his people's hunting grounds. Divining the portents he learns that his people are to suffer greatly; if they stay they will be caught between horrors and the civilized folk, and if they leave they will suffer greatly before finding a new home. The spirits speak to him that great heroes will be needed to divert the horrors of the ruins from his people. Heroes, the spirits say, he will meet when the Night Knives show themselves on the road. He begins his journey to find these heroes before his people are destroyed.

Back to Jan 2
Viggo approaches the owner and attempts to purchase her. Though she is fractious, Viggo lacks the required papers to purchase criminals, so he ends up paying a high price for her. While Viggo has been bargaining, Ruin has wandered off into the large tent nearby.

As with outside, most of the merchandise is uninspiring, but a passage into a private area warded with a purple velvet rope and a pair of lizadmen guards piques his interest. He over-bribes the drow attendant who admits him; as a tip the attendant tells him to wait for the second lot to bid. Ruin enters a plush room with several veiled and rich looking figures. Drinks and snacks are to be had for the asking, served by a pretty drow female.

Unusual and exotic merchandise is brought forth and displayed. As warned, Ruin waits to see the second lot, the prize of which is a sullen looking, but beautiful, shadar-kai raven witch. Ruin decides he must have her and bids strongly, finally winning her, but overspending. He is given until dusk, a very close time, to get the cash or forfeit his (90%) deposit. He rushes to find Viggo, who has returned to the inn. Viggo claims he does not have the extra cash. Ruin is forced to sell off some components to make up the difference and barely makes it back in time.

Nileegra, the orc woman, seems unfazed at being a slave. She begins to systematically physically overpower all the other women, thereby earning her place as "#1". Viggo presses Ashia to duel Nileegra in the pool in the center of his room. Ashia is finally able to push the orc out of the pool with her sorcery, but Nileegra is unsatisfied with this game-like contest. She accepts it for now, but expects to best Ashia in a real-world fight soon enough. Those two drow women as well.

The shadar-kai, is drugged to keep her from using her sorcery. Ruin is given a week's supply, and ends up drinking some when J'na offers it to him. J'na attempts to teach Ruin a lesson, but it would seem Ruin does not learn it this night.

Jan 3
Late in the morning, Viggo takes Ruin aside to teach him something of the ways of men and women, only time will tell if the lesson is learned.

A messenger arrives from a Lord il'Sook, asking for a meeting with Ruin to purchase the shadar-kai raven witch. Il'Sook is know as a powerful and decadent aristocrat with connections to everyone. Ruin decides he will at least go speak with the man, and invites Viggo along.

At il'Sook's estate they are greeted with open decadence. Orgies and strange scenes are going on all over the grounds. They are brought to a beautiful red-haired half-elven woman who immediatly begins to fill them in on rescuing the kidnapped Lord. Viggo and Ruin are confused, expecting, as they were, to speak with Lord il'Sook about the purchase of Ravanna, the raven witch.

Also confused, but earnest, Lady Marissa Dunderly hires the party to rescue her lover, who was kidnapped two nights ago from his caravan some 75 miles outside the city. She offers to take the slave as well, since Ruin insists. She supplies horses for them and away they go, taking only the time to stop back at the inn to get J'na and Nileegra.

Night has come and the party decides to bed-down along the road rather then risks the horses or saddlesores. No watch is set; the party trusting in Ruin's powers (or just forgetting). His powers awaken them before they are suprised by the assassins set to watch the road against rescuers, but they are inside the camp!

Viggo springs to his feet, offering that the assassins certainly don't have enough manpower to best them, and that they better be on their way. Nileegra punctuates this sentiment with a well placed critical, followed by yet another. Yet the assassin's stay to fight. Goram, hidden in the trees, intercedes on the behalf of the party, certainly turning the tide in their favor. One assassin is questioned then released. He relates that they were set on the road this very night to stop any rescue attempts from reaching the caravan site. They were payed by a foppish half-elf, whose description he is able to give, but not name.

Jan 4
The party rides to the caravan site, which looks freshly attacked. They are challenged by a pair of incompetent guards, the remanants of the force that once guarded il'Sook. A foppish half-elf comes forward, his face scratched and clothes bloody and torn. He seems amazed that help has arrived so quickly as the attack was just last night! He introduces himself as Joaquin Tantalroy, a courtier of il'Sook.

Viggo has thoughts of striking the man down, but listens to his story. It would seem that the guards and many of the other passengers of the caravan were poisoned. With them incapacitated, a force of man swooped down on the camp, killing many and entering Lord il'Sook's tent, where they killed his two companions and made off with him. Tantalroy and few others fought as best they could, but they were no match for the attackers.

Examining the tent of il'Sook they find the insides splashed with blood and the look of a scuffle. Tracks lead away from the tent into the nearby woods. Outside, a fawning sychophant, Tum Tum, assails them with mad pleas to rescue its lord. He is a disgusting creature, dumpy, short, powdered and rouged, constantly wringing his hands and simpering.

Session 3 02/15/2013

EXP Awards Ailen Gr'am Ruin
Total Advances =150 =200 =170
Earned Exp

Cast of Characters

Decided to try out Ruin & Viggo in Savaged Worlds. I sat down and figured out roughly how many sessions they played (at 2 xp per) and how many sessions had story resolutions (bonus 1 xp per), then converted that to advances/Rank as per Savage Worlds. We played that campaign a lot. Lots and lots. Sixty some sessions, plus starting them at Seasoned (20 xp) puts them well into the 160+ xp range. Ruin is 170 XP with bonuses, Viggo a bit higher, Simeon a bit lower.

Well, Viggo's player is fed up with me and refuses to play, but Ruin is in as well as Simeon (playing Gr'am), as well as Ruin's player's wife, playing Ailen. We picked up right after they enter the camp, starting fresh from that point. Viggo's character and Nileegra are faded out later.

Jan 4
They suspect Tantalroy of being the "foppish half-elf" that set the assassins on them, but don't kill him immediately. Ruin, J'na, and Gr'am check out the tent which is stained in dried blood from the attack and murder of il'Sook's two courteseans and his abduction. Outside they hear Nileegra demanding answers and threatening violence. Viggo smoothly talks her out of it. Inside the tent Ruin grabs J'na and roughly takes her on the bloody finery. She responds positively, reveling in the gore. Gr'am, embarrassed takes his leave. Ruin spots a jade figurine and a scroll tucked under a cot. It is a likeness of Asmodeous and a scroll of Sending. Very odd.

Ruin and J'na exit the tent covered in blood and looking a bit disshevelled. Ruin cleans himself with Prestidigitation.

Chapter Two: Wellspring

Session / /

EXP Awards Goram Ruin Viggo
Session Total

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Chapter Four: Forlorn Tower

Session / /

EXP Awards Goram Ruin Viggo
Session Total

Cast of Characters

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