Tristin Laaw, The Warlord


Son of Duke Laaw of Aquataine. He is fated to be the Warlord of the Phoenix King and re-unify the Shattered Kingdoms under his banner. On August 3rd, 638 FA, during the defense of the city of Haven from the Horror Bonecrown, the Horn of Valor was thrice blown by Tristin, heralding the looming end to the Third Age.


Tristin is courageous, open-handed, and well-loved by his men. He has a natural sense for command and tactics. If he can be said to have a weakness, aside from his lack of ability to hit the broadside of a barn at ten paces, it would be the plethora of women in his life. He is betrothed to Vonda of House Westing; is enthralled with Lady Arryanna, apprentice of the Enchantress; has a spiritual connection to Lady Mara of the Emerald Empire; and has earned the enmity of a Shifter adventuress named Catrina. Life is hard at the top, eh?

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