Tymerian arrived in Zakhara over twenty years ago as part of a trade delegation sent by the matron of his house. Deciding he appreciated surface life away from the machinations of the Houses, he fled. Soon he became a pirate of Hawa, City of Chaos. He quickly rose to command his own ship, then a small fleet, raiding the sea-lanes as Kabuul the Butcher. His excesses were legendary and it led to the mamluks of Quadra, City of Power, attacking Hawa in force a decade ago. The attack was thwarted only by the Coral Maze and Firethorn Swamp, but their arrival sent a powerful rival's base of operations on the back of a zaratan to the bottom of the ocean, earning him her wrath.

Tymerian decided it was time to lay low after his first mate betrayed him to his rival and fled Hawa to Muluk where he set up shop as a simple locksmith. It was during this time that he became involved in the adventures of a young ajami warrior named Ander. Together they saved the Sultana of Muluk and her daughter, discoved the ghoul infested crypts of Muluk, became sworn oathbrothers of the Everlasting, stopped another doomed invasion of Hawa by Quadra, destroyed an ancient cult to Ishtishia in Hawa, returned the recently re-surfaced zaratan base to his old rival, and killed his old first mate, Akura al-Hiyali, who had betrayed him ten years ago. Not to mention their journies to the Dismal Delve and City of Brass.

Tymerian was able to reclaim his base and position in Hawa. He is again raiding the sea-lanes, but his fury has been tempered by association with the good-hearted Ander.

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