Personality Traits

Gregarious, honest, hard-working, hard-playing, Alpha-male, humble, selfless with possessions and money, encouraging to others to reach their potential, womanizing, abhorrant of belittiling talk among men (feels that is for women and non-heroic men that can't think of any other way to raise their standing than to make others appear small), honestly feels that all of his companions have greatness in them and that there is glory enough for all and is sad when they resort to petty behavior, willing to follow the right person for the right job but just shut up and lead, feels destined to conquer and leave his mark on all around him and in doing so have others recognize the greatness within themselves

Mannerisms & Appearance

Tall, large, well-muscled, strawberry blonde long flowing hair constantly blowing, the easy bearing of a man completely comfortable in who he is, quick to smile and laugh, upon closer inspection he always looks ready to pounce like a great cat, doesn't try to hide who he is but doesn't advertise either that he is the most interesting man in the world (Stay thirsty my friends)

Thoughts on his companions & allies

  • Ruin is his closest friend and ally even though Ruin's dark elf background drives Viggo crazy!
  • Simeon is Viggo's brother-in-law and Viggo really cares about him but can't believe his sister married him. But he is still young so there is lots of potential
  • Thumbarr is a companion and ally that has Viggo's highest respect, he is weird but honorable, valourous and fearless
  • Bhaaum is an enigma but a trusted companion, hopefully Viggo gets to see more of his character.
  • The half-elf is a fine young woman if a little flat chested and has excellent encouraging skills in battle. She makes us all feel more like men in battle though she is not my type for the bed
  • Aishia is one of the finest women he has ever met the perfect balance of spunk and aquiesence, combat ability and caretaker skills, curves like a mountain pass and eager like the fountain of youth
  • J'na is an excellent fighter and eye-candy for all but her contributions to the group are limited by Ruin's inability to bring the best out of her in the bed or out
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