Land of the frozen wastes; its people have to be as cold and harsh as the land itself to survive.


The Vos are originally descended from the Dhraghst and Khelik peoples; both hardy races from the northern and northeaster coasts of the Velossian continent in the western hemisphere. The Dor-Khelik of Arctica have raided these peoples for as long as either can remember; taking slaves and large breeding populations for their nefarious purposes. The Vos are the result of this intermixture, and have been bred for war and conquest.

Intermittent raiding of northern Anuire has become a migration, as little resistance and abundant resources in a clime better than their native one, yet similar, relieves much of the population pressures and competition in their homelands in Arctica.


The Vos live a harsh life which has hardened them to cruelty and misery. Those with the strength and will to live and conquer do so; those without it are subjugated or die.

Physical Description

The Vos tend to have pale eyes and sallow skin. They are large boned with flat faces.


The Vos don’t get along with anyone, even themselves. Their culture places a high value on fighting, warfare, and displays of strength.


Most Vos are inclined to be chaotic. Many Vos practice forms of cannibalism and ritual torture, making them evil. Few Vos could be considered good.


The Vos live on the vast tundra, stretching from Furyundy in the west to the edges of the Sea of Stars in the east. Life is hard and the Vos war with themselves and everyone else on a constant basis.


The Vos worship a harsh and unforgiving pantheon of gods that mirrors their brutal existence.


The Vos speak Korvish.


Male: Anatol, Andrei, Andrej, Andrik, Anton, Arron, Bela, Bell, Boguslaw, Bohuslav, Boleslaus, Bolodenka, Boris, Borysko, Bronislaw, Burian, Casimir, Cestmir, Cezar, Conrad, Damlek, Dimas, Dimetrius, Dimitri, Dimitrios, Dimka, Dusan, Florian, Ivan, Ivanhoe, Ivano, Jan, Karel, Karol, Kasimer, Kasimir, Kazatimiru, Kersten, Laci, Lacko, Ladislas, Laszlo, Lazlo, Lew, Marika, Mikhail, Miko, Milos, Nicholai, Nickolas, Nicolai, Niklos, Nikolai, Nikolas, Ony, Oral, Orel, Orell, Oriel, Orrel, Pavel, Pjotr, Pyotr, Rorik, Rorric, Rostislav, Rurik, Sagan, Sandor, Slava, Slavik, Slavochka, Stanislas, Stanislaus, Stanislav, Stannes, Stas, Stasio, Stefan, Tibor, Vaclar, Vasek, Vassily, Vimka, Vladik, Vladimer, Vladimir, Vladimiru, Vladislav, Vladimiru, Vladislava, Vladya, Volodya, Vova, Vyacheslav, Wenceslava, Zakarij, Zarek, Ziv, Ziven and Zivon.

Female: Anezka, Beta, Brita, Chesna, Chessa, Chessie, Chiudka, Danica, Danifa, Danika, Dannica, Dannika, Deretka, Dedenia, Dita, Eliska, Fania, Fanya, Fedosia, Feodora, Gavrila, Gavrilla, Gostiata, Hana, Hedy, Ikla, Ilka, Irana, Jan, Kasia, Kasmira, Katarina, Kazatimiru, Kosenila, Lala, Ljudumilu, Ludinka, Ludmilla, Lukinka, Magda, Marika, Marjeta, Marta, Marya, Miesha, Milka, Mira, Miri, Miriana, Mischa, Misha, Nadege, Nadezhda, Nada, Nadege, Nadezhda, Nadia, Nadine, Nads, Nadya, Nadyenka, Nadyuiska, Natasha, Neda, Negoshka , Peredeslava , Radilu, Radinka, Radmilla, Sonja, Suzan, Tanis, Terez, Terezia, Valdislava, Valeska, Varina, Varvara, Velika, Zora, Zorah, Zorana.


Wizards are uncommon in Vos lands, since illiteracy is the rule, but sorcerers and clerics are plentiful.


Racial Qualities

  • [0] Attributes: Vos are humans, which D&D assumes to be the base creature from which to measure all others. As such, ability score modifiers are not appropriate. However, the archetypal Vos, compared to humans of other cultures would be: +1 STR, -1 INT. The Vos are strong and fierce, but they are hide-bound and uneducated.
  • [0] Size: Humans are medium sized creatures.
  • Humans have a base 30’ speed, and x4 run.
  • [0] Senses: Humans do not have any special vision.
  • [0] Required Advantages:
  • Suggested Advantages:
  • [0] Required Disadvantages:
  • Suggested Disadvantages:

Cultural Qualities

  • Humans receive a bonus feat at 1st level.
  • Humans earn an extra skill point at each level.
  • Korvish language.
  • Vos are proficient with simple weapons.
  • The Vos are nomadic and barbaric.

Bonus Languages

  • The Vos can learn: Anuirean, Ivanian, Orc, Giantish, Orcish, Goblin, and Dwarven.

Favored Class

  • Humans excel in all classes, and may treat their highest class level as favored.



The Vos are a nomadic people of the northern wastes. Life is harsh and survival a brutal competition among the tribes. Their gods reflect this harshness

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