Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Third Edition


Out of Combat Refreshes

Out of combat a token is removed at the end of every scene. As well, all actions/talents completely refresh after daily healing is done.



Characters may choose to always be 1-die into their base stance. If a character does decide to always present in such a manner, they must roll that stance die for everything. When combat begins, the character is considered to be in a neutral stance for purposes of the stance meter.

This may be changed one stance step (reckless-neutral-conservative) whenever the character switches careers or ranks up.

Re-taking a Career

A character may enter a career they have finished (10 advances) for the minimum cost (1 point for non-humans, 0 for Reiklanders). The dedication bonus can only be earned once. Re-entering the career from a different career has the normal cost.



Every 2 Boons is also counted as a success and every 2 Banes negate a success.


ACE Pool

  • For every doubling of the amount of creatures (2, 4, 8, etc) the ACE pools are increased by 1.
  • Any single roll or defense may include, at most, 1/2 (rounded up) of the applicable ability score in bonus dice. This stops me from dumping the entire pool on a player (which is kinda brutal)


Healing Draughts

1 wound per success, criticals as for boons during daily healing. 5 silver per die with draughts of 3-10 dice possible. Additional draughts may be taken in a day with the addition of a black die per draught taken past the first. Challenges and banes causing wounds/criticals in an oppiste fashion.

Fate Points


Players (and the GM) are awarded "points" by the other players/GM for anything considered worthy. This includes humor, appropriate actions, roleplaying, out of game helping, or anything else. Every five points earned puts a Fate Point on the party sheet. The GM simply earns a Fate Point every five.

All "points" awarded are straight up Fate Points. This really works well. (Thanks to Allen P. for his playtest of this with his WHFRP group)

Party Sheet

Players may change their party sheet once at the beginning of an adventure and/or at the end of an adventure.

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