Wind Warriors


Elemental creatures of air, they were the allies and foot soldiers of the Wind Dukes.

Stat Block

Wind Warrior (Medium Elemental Flyer/Walker 79 XP): Str: 12, Dex: 14, Con: 12, Int: 8, Wis: 10, Cha: 10; SZ M (1x1, Reach 1); Spd 16 fly, 6 ground; Init VII; Atk IV; Def VI; Res IV; Health III; Comp II; Skills: Acrobatics-VII; Qualities: Darkvision II, DR 1, Feat (Lightning Reflexes), Feat (Two Weapon Fighting), Damage Immunity (Sonic)

Attacks/Weapons: Longsword I (1d12+1/20+) Damage, Sonic II (TL/2 d6/Line range 4)

Treasure: 1T

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