Yodfah Al Muluki

"I have some sand to sell you…"


Ander, Aeluin, and their party initially learned of the merchant Yodfah, and were warned against him, by a strange old woman, who lived in one of Yodfah's abandoned bathhouses, while they were trying to return Salana, a pahari, to the water so she wouldn't die. Later, they acted directly against him by aiding a woman sent to them by the old hag by sacking a hidden winery owned by Yodfah.

The records recovered from the winery ruined Yodfah and he was barely able to flee before the authorities of Muluk, City of Kings, arrested him. He was able to arrange vengeance on the woman, who was brutally murdered, and through her, the party, when they attended her funeral, before he left however.

Later, the party encountered Yodfah at an oasis in The Haunted Lands, where he and his master, Jamal al-Yindannim were attempting to ambush Kheldun al-Hanif, shiek of the Hanif Tribe. Both were able to escape after the party intervened.

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