Zakhara, ancient land of Fate, ruled by the Grand Caliph, whose ties to the Genie Realms and the Loregiver has shielded the land from harm these last thousand years. Each of her shining cities is a nation unto itself, bound only by religion and fealty to the Grand Caliph.


The people of Zakhara are broken into two major groups, the al-Badir and the al-Hadir: the nomads and the city dwellers.


Physical Description


Zakhara’s ports brim with exotic goods, enough to tempt merchants and traders from distant lands. Within her borders, Zakhara’s Grand Caliph rules without challenge, yet most foreign powers regard her as a mysterious and dangerous land.


As a rule, Zakharans are lawful. They value hospitality, piety, duty, and honor.


Zakhara is a large region stretching from the World Pillar Mountains to the Crowded Sea. Much of it is haunted desert and steaming jungle, with large city-states along the coast.


The thing that binds Zakhara together is the worship of the Enlightened Gods. All people that profess belief and acceptance of the Enlightened Gods are accepted in Zakharan society. All others are infidels to be enslaved, ignored, or converted.


Zakharans speak Midani, a language derived from Lantlean, Janniti, and several other ancient languages. The script is called Alabic and is flowing and very beautiful.





Racial Qualities

  • [0] Attributes: Zakharans are humans, which D&D assumes to be the base creature from which to measure all others. As such, ability score modifiers are not appropriate. However, the archetypal Zakharan, compared to humans of other cultures would be: +1 CHA, -1 STR. They are open-handed and confident, but lacking ferocity.
  • [0] Size: Humans are medium sized creatures.
  • Humans have a base 30’ speed, and x4 run.
  • [0] Senses: Humans do not have any special vision.
  • [0] Required Advantages:
  • Suggested Advantages:
  • [0] Required Disadvantages:
  • Suggested Disadvantages:

Cultural Qualities

  • Humans receive a bonus feat at 1st level.
  • Humans earn an extra skill point at each level.
  • Midani language.
  • The al-badir are nomadic.
  • All al-badir receive Ride as a class skill.
  • All al-badir receive simple weapons proficiency.
  • The al-hadir are civilized; Regressive, Developing, Dynamic, Stagnant, and Decadent.

Bonus Languages

  • The Zakharans are very insular, but contact with other realms and merchants and traders from other lands have exposed them to: Ivanian, Theran, Eastern Lantlean, and Janniti.

Favored Class

  • Humans excel in all classes, and may treat their highest class level as favored.



This pantheon came into being within the last thousand years, when the jihads of Enlightenment spread across Zakhara. Worship of these gods is spreading.

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